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The African Visionary Fund channels unrestricted and unburdensome funding to high-impact African social changemakers, transforming development across the continent while simultaneously tackling inequities, injustices and power imbalances in grantmaking.

African Visionary Fund’s vision is a world where African social changemakers have access to the resources they need to accelerate their impact and are recognized by funders as critical drivers of systems change on the continent. African Visionary Fund is recruiting a Co-Leader to work in partnership with African Visionary Fund’s current Executive Director to deliver on this vision. They are committed to a co-leadership model where both leaders will be equally driving and executing the vision over the next few years.

African Visionary Fund launched the African Visionary Fund as an independent entity in April of this year. They have secured partnerships with six anchor funders, recruited and engaged a Founding Working group predominantly made up of African social changemakers, and designed a model of grantmaking designed to meet their needs. They are poised for growth and they are looking for a co-leader to help drive towards their ambitious vision.

African Visionary Fund Core Values
Transformative Impact: Many of the issues that African social changemakers seek to address are entrenched within existing systems. They seek to support changemakers as they upend systems, build ecosystems, accelerate collaboration, and deliver deep, systemic, community-rooted change.

Equity: African Visionary Fund recognizes the existing imbalance of power in funding and they choose to work in partnership with African social changemakers to fight unjust structures and systems.

Solidarity: They acknowledge their relative power and access and leverage it to create room at the table for those closest to the communities they partner with. They are allies, not gatekeepers.

Trust & Integrity: African Visionary Fund trusts their partners, respecting their expertise and lived experiences because they believe that proximity matters in improving lives. They seek to amplify their work, not lead it, and they follow-up on their commitments with the courage to do what is right.

Striving to Learn: African Visionary Fund knows the issues they seek to tackle are complex and systemic. They seek to humbly learn from others, to hold strong ideas loosely and to continuously question their assumptions.

Role Summary
There is an inherent tension in the work of the African Visionary Fund – they call it the ‘play the game, change the game’ balance. They want to support African social changemakers to play the game to access more sustainable funding now, while also challenging the status quo in ways that open up more equitable grantmaking practices. There will always be a need to balance this tension – having a co-leadership model with senior leaders entrenched in both sides of this equation helps them balance both sides of their work and not lose sight of either goal.

Why does this role exist?
*Co-develop strategy for the AV Fund
*Launch Africa operations of the AV Fund
*Build pipeline and conduct due diligence on African social changemakers
*Build pipeline of African funders
Essential Competencies:
*You are a strategic and analytical thinker, who does not shy away from challenging how things are done and can comfortably hold different perspectives while collaborating to create even better solutions.
*You have a deep understanding and passion for grassroots African social changemakers’ work and role in development
*You are committed to experimentation, an iterative mindset and constant learning as key ingredients for building sustainable solutions and achieving the desired outcomes
*You have built the ability to quickly adapt and thrive in fast-changing and growing work environments and are comfortable rolling up your sleeves to get the work done.
*You lead from a coaching approach. You have mastered the ability to sense where people are, ask the right questions, challenge where needed, help troubleshoot their most immediate problems and offer the right and empowering support.
*You have a track record of initiating, building and managing successful win-win relationships with diverse stakeholders
*You have a strong understanding and ability to lead, and manage organization budgeting and analysis processes.
*You have been exposed to diverse organizations at different growth stages, which has prepared you to comfortably oversee and lead in areas of strategic functions such as finance and operations management.
*You demonstrate and are aligned to their core values as described above
It’s a huge bonus if you have built a team or office from the ground up in the past. Are familiar with working through the challenges of setting up new office operations and navigating the challenges of culture building.

Why would someone want this job?
*Meaning: This is an opportunity to amplify and accelerate the impact of African social changemakers and to tackle inequities, injustices and power imbalances in funding in Africa.
*Autonomy: This is a founding leadership role in a nimble start-up. There is considerable autonomy and agency to shape how the fund’s strategy is executed and how new processes and systems are developed and implemented.
*Variety: From engaging with existing grantee partners to cultivating relationships with prospective ones to creating a staffing model from scratch, no two days in this role will look alike.

Division of Responsibilities
Shared Responsibilities/Decision-Making
*Driving organizational strategy & vision
*Brand & organizational identity & high level external communications/advocacy strategy
*Board development
*Financial management
*Human resource planning
*Fundraising (division of responsibility outlined below)

Co-Leader (Africa)
*Supervision/management of all future Africa-based staff, operations, legal & financial oversight
*Pipeline development & vetting
*Grantmaking & application process design & execution
*Portfolio Management & Due Diligence (with support from Co-Leader, if needed)
*Grantee Capacity Support model design & execution (with input from Co-Leader)
*Fundraising & partnerships (75% US Co-Leader, 25% Africa Co-Leader)

Co-Leader (US)
*Supervision/management of all future US-based staff, operations, legal & financial oversight
*Fundraising & partnerships (75% US Co-Leader, 25% Africa Co-Leader)
*Donor engagement & development support for grantee partners
*Communications & advocacy execution (with input from Co-Leader)
*Portfolio Management (if needed & as directed by Co-Leader)
*Grantmaking administration (with input from Co-Leader)

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