Communication and Uptake Associate

Green Climate Fund
Incheon, South Korea
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Grade: IS – 1

Deadline: 5 November 2021 (11:59 PM KST)

Location: Songdo, Incheon, South Korea

Salary: USD 79,000

The mission of the Green Climate Fund is to assist developing countries to respond to climate change while bringing prosperity to their people.

Established in 2010, the GCF invests in transformational climate projects in the developing world. The Fund makes an ambitious contribution to global climate action and channels significant financial resources into developing countries to help build low-emission and climate-resilient societies. It is country-driven and undertakes actions that reflect the circumstances of each country concerned and its national aspirations. The GCF is a key enabler of the 2015 Paris Agreement on Climate Change.

Since its establishment, the GCF has approved 190 projects in 123 countries and has committed USD 10 billion in climate finance. In addition, it has built up an extensive program to support developing countries to identify their needs, in particular, those who are most vulnerable to climate change impacts.

The GCF’s diverse workforce is advancing its mission from its headquarters in South Korea. Their talented staff makes unique contributions to the Fund, enriching the institution through their combined expertise and professional commitment.

Position Objective

The Communication and Uptake Associate will be responsible for supporting the communications, uptake, strategic outreach and partnership needs of the IEU, in line with and operationalizing the Updated Terms of Reference of the IEU and the Evaluation Policy for the GCF. Under the guidance of the Head a.i. of the IEU and the Communications Officer who is leading the communications work of the IEU, the Associate will play an instrumental role in developing and implementing a communications strategy for each evaluation that the IEU conducts. S/he will be aware of key internal and external events around the world, and inform and facilitate the IEU’s strategic engagement with key stakeholders through those events and engagement opportunities. S/he will recognize that the use of evaluations is not just a function of high quality and timing, but also knowing and engaging closely with a diverse set of stakeholders and building a coalition of support. S/he will support the IEU team in connecting with global/regional evaluation networks, other evaluation offices of IEU partners, UN organizations and implementing entities of the GCF.

The Associate will need to be proficient in writing, speaking and communicating with internal and external stakeholders and across a wide range of platforms. S/he will be a leader in state-of-the-art social media tools, multimedia production, communications techniques and strategic outreach. The Associate will support the dissemination of outcomes of IEU’s evaluations, evaluation syntheses and learning and uptake products, produced in partnership with other evaluation organizations. The Associate will also support the IEU with targeted uptake by helping IEU provide the policy- and decision-makers in the GCF ecosystem with the evidence to foster evidence-based and improved policies. To do this effectively, the Associate is expected to use state-of-the-art methods, behavioural and transformational change insights and targeted communication techniques.

To enable the effective implementation of Communications Strategies for IEU’s evaluations, the Associate will be integrated into specific evaluation teams and/or thematic workstreams of the IEU as a member. S/he will support the evaluation teams/thematic workstreams in shaping the messaging of the evaluations and preparing shorter summaries and communications products, designed to enhance the uptake of evaluation findings and recommendations. This role will be borne by the Associate as a Communications and Uptake Focal Point (CUFP) for specific evaluation teams and/or thematic workstreams of the IEU.

Duties and responsibilities


Examine, implement and adapt strategies for communication/dissemination/uptake, using different platforms and ensuring consistent messaging across all projects, related to evaluations, learning products, evaluation syntheses, data, methods and others.
Develop and execute communication and uptake plans that are informed by good evidence-based research to ensure that IEU is building a strong coalition that helps support the production and use of high-quality evaluations and advocating for it.
Develop and execute uptake and outreach strategies that drive a state-of-the-art dissemination process of IEU’s learning, knowledge and evaluation products and build a next-level forum for engagement with prospective partners at global level.


Support IEU’s external relations function, internally and externally to the Green Climate Fund, and communicate IEU’s mandate, objectives and activities.
Foster engagement with external stakeholders, including Designated Authorities, Accredited Entities, Civil Society Organizations, GCF Board and external partners, including other evaluation offices and networks.
Inform IEU’s different international and internal engagements with the aim of leveraging maximum influence and visibility.
Support development of productive relationships with IEU’s stakeholders and leaders in the field of evaluation and climate change.


Produce highest quality communications materials, employing excellent editorial skills (while also helping manage copy editors) to:
Increase the access to information about IEU’s evaluation work and state-of-the art tools, among others, evaluation policy, IEU-led and managed evaluations, learning-oriented real-time impact assessment tools, and visioning and delivering effective learning products.
Build IEU’s communication/dissemination/uptake strategies and strategically promote IEU’s engagement with GCF stakeholders.
Engage, learn and share recent findings with respect to evaluation work, methodologies and practices on- and offline.
Convey IEU assessment outcomes and lessons learnt and GCF’s progress in implementing its objectives related to countries’ needs effectively to internal and external audiences.
Explain the impact of GCF’s activities in the context of global efforts to combat climate change.
Undertake background research and work to ensure that IEU is at the forefront of practice in communication, uptake, advocacy and engagement.
Copy-edit IEU’s communications products and manage effectively and efficiently a wide range of IEU’s communications channels both on- and offline, including the website, social media, newsletter, briefs, IEU lunch/virtual talk presentations, publications, speeches and events in multiple languages.
Keep abreast of monitoring and evaluation-related work and updates, and be ready to take part in the IEU’s evaluation work and teams. In this capacity, also support the production of approach and background papers and shorter communications and knowledge materials for the evaluation(s).
As a Communications and Uptake Focal Point (CUFP) for specific evaluations and/or thematic workstreams of the IEU, be ready to attend evaluation team meetings, support developing a communications strategy for the evaluations assigned, help shape the key message of the evaluations for target audiences, and report back to the Communications Workstream any upcoming activities or communications needs of the evaluation teams/thematic workstreams concerned.
Drive the process of integrating emerging state-of-the-art communications channels, strategies and tools in order to foster excellence in communication, engagement and outreach of the IEU at any level.
Support the Communications Workstream meetings by preparing agenda, gathering updates, taking notes and ensuring that action items from each team meeting are well completed.
Manage the IEU website and social media channels, paying close attention to details and employing good political judgment.
Support the Communications Workstream’s multimedia production in all aspects (podcast, short videos, teasers) and organize IEU’s internal and external events, including IEU’s monthly lunch/virtual talks.
Perform other duties as assigned by the direct supervisor and Head of the IEU.
Be willing to travel, as required.

Required experience and qualifications*

Master’s degree in communications, journalism, international relations, finance, economics, sustainable development, climate policy, environmental sciences, law or related fields; or Bachelor’s degree plus 2 years additional experience.
At least two years of relevant work experience (minimum) in a professional capacity in the communications sector (journalism, corporate communication), within an international organization, public relations agency, governmental, private sector or non-profit sector.
Track record in implementing communications/uptake strategies at multiple levels.
Track record in sectoral communication and knowledge within one or more of the following specialisms: speech writing, media relations, corporate communication, political campaign, advocacy and outreach, and publications (including multi-media publications).
Good understanding of multilateral processes, good political judgment and international experience in environment, climate change or development.
Excellent written and oral communication skills in English at mother tongue level (which may be tested during the interview process).
Suitability to undertake the responsibilities mentioned above at the required level, with the following:
Proven application of expertise and knowledge in communications.
A team player with a proactive and can-do attitude.
Proactive attitude towards learning about new ways of communicating.


Communication – Teamwork – Planning & Organizing – Accountability – Client Orientation

*The person assessed by the Selection Panel as most suitable for the position will be proposed for appointment. Selection among short-listed candidates will also take into account performance at interview, appropriate testing, and references. Applications from women and nationals of developing countries are strongly encouraged.