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Bangalore, India
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Sukhibhava is looking for a committed individual to build the community operations across India.

The Issue
In India, menstruation has been shrouded in myths and taboos, directly resulting in lack of awareness and issues of accessibility and affordability.
Most times, women discover and adapt to menstruation on their own, without sufficient information on their menstrual cycle, bodily changes, reproductive health and hygienic practices. The lack of understanding and awareness among women perpetuates questionable cultural practices, resulting in psychological, physical and social ramifications. In India, 1 in 5 adolescent girls drop out of school as soon as they reach puberty.
Many women use easily accessible materials such as rags, sawdust, ash, leaves, grass, cow dung cakes or newspapers to see through their periods. While these are available at no cost, they are uncomfortable, unhygienic and can lead to serious infections. In India, 200+ million women do not have access to proper menstrual hygiene practices.

About our community operations:
Every region has a chapter with a chapter manager and a team of community workers(trainers). They have to focus on 2 aspects:
Creating awareness among women in urban slums, rural communities and schools and addressing myths and taboos
We facilitate training for a set of women at Sukhibhava, who then become trainers for local communities in their vicinity. They engage in interactive learning processes with women and adolescent girls from low-income backgrounds. These awareness sessions comprise activities and modules that empower a woman through knowledge of her body, menstrual hygiene and safety, while urging her to question myths and taboos related to menstruation and gender.
The trainers form groups of women among these communities and facilitate awareness sessions over a period of five months. This is to ensure that the information is being delivered to limited numbers at a given point, to keep it more focussed. Each session engages with an important subject – a woman’s body, menstruation and puberty, menstrual hygiene, products and safe disposal of these products, myths and taboos.
2) Ensuring accessibility and affordability
We, at Sukhibhava, believe that women should be able to decide for themselves what product they want to use. This, based on their cultural norms, affordability, comfort, ease and other suitable factors.
The trainers make available for women, a range of menstrual products, at their doorstep. We are determined to encourage the use of sustainable menstrual hygiene products like bio-degradable napkins, reusable cloth pads and menstrual cups. However, it is solely a woman’s decision to buy what she wants to, depending on her choice.

Position Description:
The operations manager’s primary responsibility will be to run the operations of the organization by leading a team of chapter managers, specifically serving in five critical roles:
+ Design – Work closely with the core team in planning a roadmap of growth for the organization
+ Identify – Identify new regions and communities where there is a need for Sukhibhava’s interventions
+ Build – Build a team of chapter manager and trainers who will work locally in improving the awareness and access to clean menstrual products
+ Sustain – Build capacity in the team to ensure behaviour and financial sustainability.
The “Head of community operations”  position is a full-time role, based out of Sukhibhava head office in Bangalore. S/he must be eligible to work in India, and must have a long-term commitment to the development of menstrual hygiene ecosystem. S/he will have ownership over all aspects of the community operations, and will be supported by the core team to execute towards the program goals. Specific responsibilities will include, but are not limited to:
People and resource management
Production and implementation of operational work plans and budgets
Recruitment and management of  human resources to achieve required results
Management and monitoring of  budgets including analysis, reporting and action on variances

Managing Team Performance
Development and oversight of staff appraisal
Resolving performance issues among staff and volunteers engaged
Monitoring performance against targets and deliverables for all contracts including performance of any sub-contracting partners(if any)
Ensuring compliance and documentation
Reporting performance trends and issues to relevant stakeholders
Coordinating internally to ensure timely delivery of services
Development of workforce plans including competency frameworks to meet the operational requirements of the organisation
Production and presentation of reports and updates to Founders, to support internal strategic and performance review processes (including to Board) and with external development work groups

Relationship Management
Coordinate  and maintain relationships with partners and other stakeholders
Attend Partnership Meetings with stakeholders with the partnership team
Manage relationships internally with the team

Field visits
Regular visit to the chapter offices to ensure the processes are being followed
Regular visits to the communities to ensure the quality of training and service delivery is maintained
Responsible to ensure smooth flow of operations in the absence of the chapter managers

Responsible for ensuring all funding monitoring reports are accurate and submitted in a timely manner, including from sub-contractors
Ad hoc reports as requested by the founders and funders


Negotiation, development and implementation of new, scaled up or pilot projects  in collaboration with external and internal management
Development of income streams through sales

Representing the Organisation
Representing the organisation at external events and development forums

The post offers significant opportunities for innovation, development and growth of existing services, working closely with counterpart roles in other organisations, and contributing to joint development and working groups locally and regionally

Candidates interested in “Head of Community Operations” position should have a deep commitment to Sukhibhava’s mission of making menstruation a non-issue in communities experiencing poverty and a passion for leadership development.
Your background looks something like this:
+    At least 3 years’ work experience in a related field (preferably in capacity building or leadership development)
+    A bachelor’s degree is required: preferred fields include education, psychology, leadership, etc.
+     Significant experience in working with growing organizations
+   Prior work experience in a fast-paced environment, ability to work efficiently against tight deadlines
+      Familiarity and exposure to the field of social enterprise and poverty alleviation preferred
+      Strong verbal & written communications skills, and comfort representing the The Period Fellowship Program externally
Additional qualifications include:
+   Excellent interpersonal skills, strong emotional intelligence, and ability to communicate effectively
+      Ability to give constructive feedback effectively, and willingness to have difficult, courageous conversations in the service of helping others grow and reach the next level
+      Self-awareness, strong listening skills, and empathy
+      Grit, resilience,  and the ability to persevere amidst challenges and ambiguity
+     Ability to contribute to high-level, strategic discussions around curriculum and program operations
+      Exceptional organizational skills and ability to achieve targets independently and under pressure
+      Alignment with  Sukhibhava’s core values: Respect, empathy, ownership, communication, scale with impact, breaking stereotypes, innovation & trust
Compensation is competitive and commensurate with experience.
Sukhibhava head office Office – Bangalore, india

To apply:
You will be asked to submit the following via email:
1.       An updated resume/CV
2.       Your responses to 2 short-answer questions (200 words each)
a.      Where does your passion for social change work come from?
b.      What do you hope this opportunity will change in your lifetime and what role does leadership play in that vision?
Please email the above to:
Candidates are encouraged to apply early, as applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis; deadline to apply is  30th April, 2018