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Mexico City
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Looking for candidates with strong experience in structuring and implementing micro-finance programs, who can make healthcare financing sustainable, in Mexico.

Salauno, a World Economic Forum Award winning healthcare innovator, provides high quality, affordable eyecare in Mexico. The target segment is predominantly lower middle class patients. A significant proportion of patients , who require surgery, drop out, after diagnosis,since they are not able to self-fund the surgery.

Currently, these patients are referred to a third party finance provider. However, the conversion rate is low, since either patients do not meet the credit requirements of the finance provider or patients do not like the terms of the loan.

Project Objective:
Enable patients to fund their treatment, by creating  financial products and solutions, that meet the patient’s needs, given their credit and economic profile. And where required, create innovative financial products and ecosystem to fill the gaps unmet by market.

Project Scope:

  • Segment the patient group, that needs financial assistance, in terms of credit profile and understand in -depth the needs and constraints of each segment.
  • Develop segment specific, economically viable financial solutions.
  • For segments, where solutions exist in the market, Identify financial providers (banks, micro-credit agencies), establish partnership between Salauno and the financial service provider and implement a pilot .
  • Evaluate financial partners holistically, based on customer experience (documentation needed, loan processing time); credit underwriting criteria and affordability of loans (interest rates, loan processing fees, loan duration).
  • Collaborate with the financial services partner, to innovate and  offer best in class financial product and great customer experience, for Salauno patients.
  • For segments, where market gaps exist, explore and create innovative and sustainable alternative finance models (crowdsourcing like Kiva, NGO funding, Government financing  etc), and create a viable ecosystem
  • Develop process, systems and tools to educate patients, on framing the funding need from cost of treatment vs investment for regaining vision.
  • Design and develop the process flow, for a hassle free and frictionless customer experience, for customers to secure funding. –from the day of counselling upon receiving the quote, to securing financing to coming back to Salauno for treatment.
  • Leverage Salauno digital and clinic touchpoints, to match patients with optimal financial solution at the counselling stage, and make “instant  credit decisioning” a reality in Mexico, thereby reducing the time gap between counselling to surgery.


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