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Hello there,
We are looking for valuable and unique content creators for our site Meditation Talks.

Our Story

MeditationTalks evolves as a vibrant community for everybody who is interested in practicing some meditation or yoga, and for everybody who is already on their way of doing so, regardless of how small or big their effort is. As a platform, we want to push good news and information, and offer the guidance that is so much needed in a world that some days seem to be falling apart.

Hence, if you spur an immediate connection in this matter, and if you have the creative fingers to write, to talk and distribute any type of material that we can use to move the spirit of this platform together, you are more than welcome to join our editorial board and contribute contents with us.

Please take a look at our site to have a better understanding what we are about.

We are looking for people who are passionate about meditation and empowerment of self to share their stories and experiences that would greatly benefit our community . This can range but are not limited to personal stories, tips or tutorials on meditation, events , courses or related projects centered around meditation practices, yoga, astrology or how all these things are changing lives.  Down the road, this could potentially become a paid opportunity for writers.

Additional Information

If interested please provide the following information.

1. Shortly introduce yourself and share with us briefly what you do in life, if you are a practitioner of any meditative practice, or you are just curious on the subject and eager to start practicing; Please use the subject line “ I want to contribute to Meditation Talks “
2. Secondly share a topic you wish to work on and write for MeditationTalks. Do send us a sample of your writing if you already have a published material elsewhere as a writer/blogger/contributor.
3. Let us know how often you would like to contribute. (its all about what you are comfortable with)