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Springpoint is a national organization whose mission is to support districts, charter networks and intermediaries to design, launch and sustain innovative new high schools. We are driven by a commitment to enable all students, regardless of environment or background, to succeed in high school, college, and beyond. Springpoint provides partners with coaching, tools and training to develop these schools based on integrated design principles embedded in next generation learning, the Common Core Standards and the strategy developed in the Carnegie Corporation of New York’s Opportunity By Design initiative.

Springpoint is a leading school design support hub that provides targeted expertise and support to districts, school networks, and other groups dedicated to creating innovative new high school models. We harness evidence-based practices and work with our partners to design and launch new schools that best suit their distinctive locale, student population, and needs. Our process is a fluid, responsive, and ongoing endeavor to promote a culture of innovation, iteration, and constant improvement.

Our vision is to capitalize on innovative technology, and personalized learning strategies to design adolescent learning environments that enable all young people to succeed in college and in life. Springpoint currently works in Philadelphia, Denver, Cleveland, New York City, Providence, and Prince George’s County, Maryland. We are generously supported by the Carnegie Corporation of New York.


Our team guides and supports partners and school leaders as they design, launch, and grow new high schools. After almost three years of work and with 10 partner schools open, we have learned a lot, developed unique expertise around innovative high school design, and created a suite of professional development materials. Over the next four years, our 10 partner schools will serve more than 5,000 students nationally.

There are two main components to this role:

Help tell our story to partners, school leaders, funders and external audiences. The ideal candidate will craft a unified brand identity for these different audiences. That, in turn, will drive interest in our organization, mission and products.

Develop, package and disseminate materials to share with the broader field of school designers and education innovators. These materials will reflect insights and best practices from across our network.

The ultimate outcome of your work will give us a larger public profile, and develop a greater awareness of our work and particular expertise.


Content Development

Develop, write, package and strategically disseminate new learning assets (virtual courses, sample artifact compilations, resource and planning guides, blog posts, videos, toolkits), leveraging existing materials and staff expertise

Inventory our current learning assets and mine our knowledge platform for tools we can leverage now

Share content and materials, and contextualize our insights and best practices via multiple digital and print channels

Consistently align content plan with Springpoint’s strategic objectives


Help us craft and refine our public voice and approach

Develop and execute creative, targeted and measurable marketing campaigns to drive interest in our work and the work of our partners

Pull in new audiences by leveraging new channels (email marketing, social media, press hits)

Analyze results and constantly iterate on our marketing efforts

Research, draft, and pitch content for all Springpoint communications

Ensure all content is on-brand, consistent in terms of style, quality and tone of voice, and optimized for social promotion

Success will require an element of timeliness, an understanding of what’s newsworthy, an eye for design, and knowing what will resonate with our audience.


The Outcomes From Your Work in this Role

You will work to enable all students, regardless of environment or background, to succeed in high school, college, and beyond.

You will earn a tangible sense of our mission-driven work and the concrete impact it has on students' lives.


How This Role Will Help You Develop as a Professional

You will hone your storytelling and brand strategy skills with your window into extraordinary conversations in the innovation and education worlds.

You will grow your marketing skills and have a new and engaged audience to show for it.


The Tangible and Intangible Perks and Benefits of This Role

A competitive salary, and generous benefits including health coverage and vacation.

A window into extraordinary conversations and connections in the innovation and education worlds.

A collaborative working environment and opportunity to work closely with school leaders and teachers.


Will have 3-6 years of experience, leading digital marketing or communications projects in education startups, agencies, or press outlets

Is an excellent writer and can convey messages to multiple audiences cleanly and effectively

Has excellent interview skills and can ask the right questions of staff and partners to stimulate content that informs and is responsive to broader conversations in the field

Embraces social media and a variety of digital platforms

Loves analytics, numbers and measurement and is able to interpret data and adjust content strategy accordingly

Is an excellent project manager, and can take projects from conception to realization while managing deadlines, external designers and diverse tasks

Will thrive with, and enjoys a tremendous amount of personal responsibility

Is driven by the quest to transform public education and better serve our educators, families, and above all, students.


Please complete the following application. Our team is reviewing applications on a rolling basis; therefore we encourage you to submit yours soon!

These short-answer questions are designed to replace a cover letter, please take your time with them and copy in your answers from a separate document. If you are chosen as a finalist, you will first be interviewed by ReWork and then by Springpoint leadership. The final step in the hiring process will be to arrange personal reference calls to confirm details of your work history and performance.


You’ll be invited to join our growing team in New York. If you have any questions about the role, please feel free to email us at We look forward to reading your application!