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Myna Mahila helps increase women’s agency to help them meet their potential. Myna Mahila achieves this through its 3 verticals viz Myna Health, Myna Employ, Myna Research.

Myna Mahila under its Myna Health vertical aims to provide health services access to 2 million women by 2025.

Myna Health Education and Empowerment series is one such initiative by Myna Mahila to achieve its Goal. They provide a series of awareness sessions necessary for women to take care of her health. Inorder to ensure that a woman/ girl receives adequate support from her family members as well, the male members of her family are involved in these sessions.

They have reached out to 15000+ beneficiaries through their Myna Health Education and Empowerment Series trained 20+ trainers to help us achieve this.

Role Purpose
The overall purpose of the Counsellor/Trainer is to plan and conduct training among adolescents and build capacity of community level resources to streamline health services within the community. to the identified beneficiaries from the Community.

Key responsibilities
Manage MHEES sessions:
● Schedule and Conduct education sessions for stakeholders around the following topics:
a. Health and Nutrition
b. Sexual and Reproductive Health
i. Menstrual Health Management
ii. Family Planning
iii. Maternal and Child Health
c. Gender Sensitization
d. Domestic Violence and Sexual Harassment
e. Educational/Awareness training as per beneficiary need (TBD)
f. Mental Health
● Manage all the logistics associated with the sessions, including set-up, during the session, and clean-up
● Conduct sessions with at least the following stakeholders for both females and males:
a. Schools
b. Colleges
c. Slum communities
d. Rural communities
e. Other such groups

Identify Partner Organizations:
● Identify new stakeholders and partners to conduct sessions with
● Manage and coordinate with those partners to set up new sessions
● Ensure every Partner signs an MOU or other relevant documentation necessary

Capacity building or training (ToT):
● Identify potential trainers from the community, train them on each of the topics and
● Complete documentation as per the program guidelines and oversee documentation of assigned trainers and fellows
Team management:
● Manage the trainers identified from the community
● Coordinate with the Resource Mobilization team
Monitoring & Evaluation and Data Management:
● Administer pre-test, post-test, and other evaluation methods
● Prepare training reports of all training modules including analysis of pre-test and post-test evaluation.
● Ensure that every girl in the sessions (and other stakeholders, eg: boys) are provided with a Myna Unique ID, and that the relevant forms are inputted correctly and honestly.
● Work with the Data person in the center or in the relevant teams to ensure that information about every girl is being recorded in the expected and appropriate way.
● Support with monitoring field data collection activities through the training sessions conducted by you and the other trainers you train (taking responsibility for their activities as well).

● Graduate /Bachelors degree

Additional Information

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