Country Director – Uganda

Jibu, L3C
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Job Description: Jibu is looking for someone who can hit the ground running. An ideal candidate is a business-savvy, motivated problem-solver wishing to commit a minimum of two years to help lead a rapidly growing company to make profit that will enable a big social impact. This successful candidate must be experienced as both a hands-on operational manager and a creative leader in a business setting to help take Jibu to the next level.

He or she will be:
–       A strategic leader, capable of leading the direction of the company and agilely responding to dynamic internal and external challenges
–       An energetic self-starter, a proven problem-solver and someone willing to “roll up their sleeves” to do what it takes to get tough jobs done
–       A dynamic influencer with the ability to build, develop, train and manage a team from the ground up
–       Able to work creatively, flexibly and persistently to solve gnarly challenges
–       Able to liaise between East African team members / stakeholders and American/European team members / stakeholders

The Position:
The position is based in Kampala, Uganda and reports directly to Jibu’s CEO who is based in Kampala, Uganda. The Country Director will be responsible for overseeing and managing all aspects of business expansion with a focus on operational maturation, business development, and strategic direction. Setting strategic direction, maturing operations, and building management structures will coincide with developing strong local and international partnerships. Primary responsibilities will vary and require hands-on persistence, long hours, and agility to respond to the challenges/needs that arise day to day.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
1.      Represent Jibu Corporate’s interests in overseeing/managing Franchisees, and all business activities- both high-level and down in the weeds (35%)
2.      Determine strategic direction and effectively manage and lead Jibu Corporate (Ug) team (30%)
3.      Proposal writing, public-speaking, and relationship building (20%)
4.      Logistics and planning (15%)

•       Strong for-profit business and financial skills/experience
•       2 years of business management experience in a US or European corporate context
•       Cultural knowledge and experience working in an emerging market context, preferably in East Africa
•       Cultural knowledge and experience working or living in a developed market context, preferably in Europe or the United States
•       A team player with a sense of adventure wanting to make a difference
•       Personality profile: practical, persistent, influential, resourceful, likes challenges
•       At least a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent required; MBA is preferred
•       Nearly perfect English language skills. Luganda helpful but not necessary.

The successful candidate will be provided compensation commensurate with candidate’s experience and the responsibilities of the position.
A successful candidate may also eventually receive ownership shares in Jibu.

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