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“Creating a STEM Collective Impact Campaign”

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The San Francisco Bay Area is home to some of the world’s most innovative technology companies, which creates a substantial demand for professionals trained in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). Recognizing this abundance of local job opportunities, the San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) is focused on increasing opportunities for its 50,000+ students to prepare for careers in STEM-related fields. The San Francisco Office of Economic and Workforce Development is dedicated to training professionals for these fields, and numerous other businesses and nonprofits are similarly engaged in their own efforts to build a diverse local workforce for the technology and innovation sectors. With several dozen similarly focused programs operating independently and predominantly disconnected from each other, the opportunity is ripe for a collective impact approach to better align the efforts of these various cross-sector initiatives.


Last year, Mayor Edwin Lee, Superintendent Richard Carranza and the leaders of several corporate, philanthropic and educational institutions began a dialogue about how to make San Francisco a national example of preparing students for STEM careers. Believing that collaborative strategy is imperative to the success of any education initiative, the Mayor, Superintendent and President of the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce Bob Linscheid launched UniteSF, a collective impact model to identify common goals to put students on a path to succeed throughout their K-12 education, to graduate having been prepared for higher educational opportunities and to secure a rewarding career in the industry of their choice. Under the umbrella of UniteSF, three common goals for education were identified as well as focus areas identified as key opportunities for signature projects of the UniteSF initiative.  The STEM field was identified as one of the first areas of opportunity. With this foundation for a “STEM Talent Pathway,” there is now the need to develop a comprehensive plan and formal collaboration among partners in order to maximize the opportunities and resources available to achieve these goals. To help develop this approach, the Office of the Mayor and SFUSD will partner with FUSE Corps to host an Executive Fellow for one year who will work closely with public, private and nonprofit partners to ensure that STEM programs are working collectively and effectively to prepare San Francisco’s youth for STEM careers.




Starting in October 2015, the Mayor’s Executive Fellow will begin by working to understand the current landscape of organizations and programs focused on STEM education across the Bay Area. Using the framework already established by UniteSF, and expanding to partners specifically in the STEM field, the Fellow will work to develop strong relationships with all key stakeholders, endeavoring to acquire a detailed understanding of each group’s perspectives, priorities, capacities, goals, metrics and datasets. This will include working to help programs communicate more effectively with each other and acquire a clearer understanding of the combined efforts being undertaken in order to both reduce redundancies and address key service gaps that may exist in the STEM field. This initiative mapping effort will include working to develop a holistic appreciation for the cumulative data being generated by partners of UniteSF and throughout the field, analyzing trends and developing findings across datasets that may be derived from efforts in disparate neighborhoods, age groups or programmatic approaches.


With this background of information, the Fellow will develop a detailed plan for integrating the variety of related efforts around STEM education into a more connected “pathway” approach that articulates and pursues strategic goals for students and young professionals at each stage in their education and workforce development. Potential recommendations should include how best to leverage UniteSF and existing private-sector partnerships, such as those with Zynga and Salesforce, to invest in building the skills necessary to compete for STEM careers. It may also include recommendations for new professional development training for teachers or additional education technology resources for students. The Fellow will be responsible for ensuring the perspectives of all key stakeholders are carefully considered and that regular progress updates are provided to the larger UniteSF Council and partners.

Success in this project will be evaluated in terms of the Fellow’s ability to quickly forge strong relationships with cross-sector stakeholders and thus effectively structure, communicate and begin implementation of a formal collaboration on behalf of the Mayor and the Mayor’s Education Council and the Chamber of Commerce. If successful, the Fellow’s efforts will help ensure a more results-oriented and data-driven approach to STEM education and will position San Francisco as a national model for using collective impact approaches to advance educational and workforce development goals.




·       Develop a foundation of information and relationships – Research best practices for coordination in other cities around STEM as well as other collective impact campaigns. Meet with all key stakeholders and analyze data on programs, demographics, impact, etc. Facilitate meetings with key partners in the STEM education field to clarify and differentiate the activities of each program and to continue to foster consensus around shared goals.


·       Provide strategic recommendations around coordinated approaches – Develop specific recommendations around defined goals to streamline efforts among government agencies, businesses and community organizations. Put together short-term and long-term plans to align and expand investments, as well as identify specific areas of need in which hiring consultants might help to accelerate the campaign’s goals. Engage closely with stakeholders throughout the process to ensure widespread buy-in and consensus. Report back information and feedback to the larger UniteSF Council and network. Work to ensure that each participant has a clear understanding of how their individual efforts will contribute to the campaign’s overarching goals. Help to integrate these programs into the broader array of education and workforce development efforts in the region.


·       Successfully coordinate with stakeholders – Establish regular communications with all key stakeholders using the larger UniteSF structure, including a solid feedback mechanism to gather information about how the coordinating role and overall collaboration is functioning from their perspectives. Work with stakeholders to develop clear expectations about their individual responsibilities and then follow-up regularly to ensure that work is on track to achieve success. Support stakeholders in pursuing their goals, helping to surface resources or cross-sector partnership opportunities when possible.




·       Hydra Mendoza-McDonnell, Senior Advisor on Education and Family Issues, Office of Mayor Edwin Lee, will supervise the Fellow and serve as the executive champion to ensure that this project achieves its full potential for impact.


·       Laura Moran, Chief of Strategy and Fund Development for the Superintendent’s Office, San Francisco Unified School District, will partner closely with the Fellow to ensure close coordination with SFUSD and its various related initiatives.


·       Other key stakeholders who will support and advise the Fellow will include:

o   Michael Carr, Director of Workforce Development, Office of Economic & Workforce Development

o   Taryn Taddeo, Director of Strategic Partnerships, Lead, UniteSF, Chamber of Commerce

o   STEM Talent Pathway working group members, Unite SF working group members







·       At least 10 years of professional experience in a relevant field, particularly with a strong background in management consulting, strategic planning, project management and/or data analytics. Familiarity with the fields of STEM, education and/or workforce development would be a plus.

·       Strong record of success engaging various cross-sector stakeholders and managing cross-functional teams. Ability to relate to a wide variety of diverse audiences with varying interests with strong emotional intelligence and empathy.

·       Excellent stakeholder management skills and the ability to use facilitative leadership techniques to influence people into action without direct reporting authority.

·       Superior critical thinking and analytical skills. Ability to synthesize complex information into clear and concise recommendations. Exceptional written and verbal communication skills with ease in public presentations.

·       Self-motivated, goal-oriented, entrepreneurial leader who is an independent worker; creatively resourceful in creating novel solutions to complex problems; persistent in obtaining information; and able to create direction and movement within potentially ambiguous environments.

  • Flexibility, adaptability, persistence, humility, inclusivity and sensitivity to cultural differences.




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The application process will allow you to indicate interest in more than one fellowship role. It is not necessary to submit multiple applications.


Interested candidates are encouraged to apply as soon as possible, as hiring will be done on a rolling basis and specific opportunities may close quickly.


This role offers the opportunity to work full-time for 12 months as an employee of the City & County of San Francisco with management-level compensation and benefits.


The FUSE Fellowship is an equal opportunity program with a core value of incorporating diverse perspectives and we strongly encourage candidates from all backgrounds to apply for this role.