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Bridge International Academies
Vijaywada, Andhra Pradesh
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Bridge International Academies is seeking a Customer Experience Director to drive the “front of house” operations at our Academies in India. We are the world’s largest and fastest-growing chain of primary and pre-primary schools with more than 500 academies and 100,000 pupils in five countries You can read about our incredible work here.

As the Customer Experience Director, we expect you to

•       Drive pupil growth to increase financial sustainability
•       Introduce Bridge and launch Academies in new communities
•       Ensure customer satisfaction to retain existing parents
•       Manage and train our Academy Management vertical (regional managers, area managers & Academy Managers).
•       Most of all – ensure that Bridge consistently lives up to our promise of ensuring Knowledge for all

For this role, we need someone who has the experience of growing a business or organization coupled with a deep passion for Bridge’s mission. Leadership, humility and self-awareness are a must to be successful. This is an incredibly fast-paced and absorbing role that will ask a lot of you but it will also be personally rewarding in that you will see the impact of your efforts first hand. This is a senior level position and we are looking for someone with 8+ years of experience.

This job might be for you if you

•       5+ Years of Experience Overseeing Large Teams: You are a people person and are comfortable with the entire employee lifecycle (hiring, onboarding & managing). Ideally, you will have created and successfully led large teams in retail or sales spread across a large geography.
•       Love to Execute: You have demonstrated experience in making things happen. No task or challenge is too big for you and you are able to find a way to get things done!
•       Think Fast and Stay Calm: Our team has a culture of fast paced thinking and we expect the person in this role to be able to handle changing priorities and stay calm under the pressure of executing well in short timelines.
•       Believe in our Mission: We believe we are making a real impact in the lives of children across the developing world by democratizing their right to reach their potential.
•       Low Income Community Engagement: We need someone who has the humility and comfort to engage our parents. Our parents are aspiring to give their kids a great education and we need someone who’ll engage them with respect and integrity.
•       Speak Telugu (Not compulsory) or Hindi in addition to excellent English.

How to Apply

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