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We are looking for a mid-level professional to manage and lead all of Open Road’s data collection and analysis processes. A new position for Open Road, the candidate will have a strong technical background in data systems, analysis, statistics, modeling, and a variety of data management software programs (e.g. STATA, R, SQL, etc.). They will work across teams to ensure data quality and shared learnings. They will also have a background in research and a knack for translating and communicating the stories that data can tell. Lastly, the candidate will be invested in their own continuous learning, thus exploring and bringing new technologies and system approaches – whether automation, machine learning or other tools – to advance Open Road’s overall mission.

About Open Road
Open Road Alliance provides grants and loans to fill a market demand for fast, flexible contingency funding.
The world is unpredictable – from delays in committed funding to government policy changes, good organizations run into unexpected obstacles. To address this funding gap, Open Road offers financing to nonprofits and social enterprises facing discrete, unexpected roadblocks during project implementation via two portfolios: Charitable Grants and Loans. Open Road Loans are below-market-rate and disbursed via a loan fund, Open Road Ventures. ORA has no sector or geography focus – its focus is to keep impact on track. This approach ensures that the impact of the original project preserves the ROI of the original funder’s investment and generates significant leverage for Open Road.
In addition to its portfolio of investments, Open Road conducts research, develops tools, and generates data on best practices for risk management in philanthropy. By disseminating learnings around risk management and advocating for the adoption of best practices, Open Road is working to make risk management as commonplace in philanthropy as monitoring and evaluation. For more information, visit

Position Summary
This position will be responsible for overseeing and managing all of Open Road’s data collection systems and analysis. This includes collection, organization, quality assurance, and analysis in order to transform our portfolio and research data into knowledge and continuous learning. This position will work across the Investment, Advocacy, and Communications teams to collect and analyze both research and portfolio data in order to glean insights, identify trends, and then work with colleagues to ensure that new learnings are applied across the organization. This position will provide an internal (and sometimes external) translation function, working with colleagues to tell the story of data for investors, partners, press, and internal staff. This position will also be responsible for continuing to improve and innovate on Open Road’s data collection systems and analysis protocols, incorporating new technologies such as machine learning or other tools to keep data at the leading edge of our evidence-based learning and work.

Position Responsibilities

Data Collection: Systems & Oversight
• Oversee all existing data collection and management systems within Open Road’s investment portfolio.
• Evaluate existing systems and work with Investments team to make improvements and upgrades as needed.
• Review and streamline Open Road’s existing data sets for on-going analysis.
• Evaluate and implement potential new software solutions for data collection and management.
• Work directly with members of the Investment team to codify and improve on data collection protocols to ensure accurate, quality, and real-time data collection.
• Train Open Road team members on new technologies, protocols, software, or other data collection systems, as needed.
• Lead exploration of new technologies and tools to advance strategic data initiatives.

Data Analysis & Reporting
• Work with the Investment team to streamline portfolio analysis for efficiency, accuracy, and timeliness.
• Work with the Investment team to generate a variety of reports related to financial and other portfolio data, for both internal and external audiences.
• Work with the Investment team to analyze financial portfolio performance and expectations over time using different inputs in order to better determine portfolio construction and risk factors.
• Work across Advocacy and Investment teams to identify new analyses or reports to advance organizational objectives.
• Deep-mine Open Road’s and others’ data sets for new insights and analyses.
• Build and apply a range of statistical models to relevant data sets.
• Bring a strategic eye to Open Road’s data. Let the data tell the story, but always be prepared to hear it.

Communications & Research
• Work directly with the Advocacy and Investment teams to design and project manage a variety of data-driven research projects ranging from industry-wide surveys to deep-dives into Open Road’s own portfolio data.
• Work directly with Advocacy and Investment teams to translate data into insights and stories for both internal and external audiences.
• Produce meaningful visual representations of data using a variety of graphical tools.
• Collaborate with peers and colleagues across the impact sector to learn, share, and exchange system learnings, best practices, new approaches, and tools.

• Bachelor’s degree required; master’s degree in relevant field a plus though not required;
• Minimum five years of relevant work experience, preferably in impact investing, impact measurement, finance, and/or philanthropy;
• Strong analytical and quantitative research skills including statistical analysis using STATA, R, SPSS and other relevant software;
• Strong base of IT knowledge and skills;
• Excellent project management skills;
• Strong interpersonal and communication skills (oral and written);
• Ability to work on multiple projects across different teams and objectives while working to deadlines and managing time effectively;
• Highly proficient with Microsoft Office applications, specifically Excel and Access;
• As a member of a small team, a flexible and “hands on” approach is a prerequisite;

Skills, Abilities, and Personal Characteristics
• Exceptional critical thinker that is hungry to learn;
• Excellent written and verbal communication skills;
• Excellent attention to detail, time management and organizational skills;
• Highly communicative, proactive approach to work assignments;
• Self-directed and able to work in a remote environment;
• Proven ability to successfully work with a team of stakeholders based in various locations;
• Reliable and deadline¬‐driven;
• Humble and compassionate;
• Good sense of humor;
• Absolute and unquestioned integrity;
• Passion for the mission, vision, and core values of Open Road Alliance.
Position Location & Travel:
Open Road is a “21st Century” work environment and does not operate out of a fixed office. We leverage technology and digital communications on a daily basis to stay connected and foster an efficient and effective working environment.

This will be a remote position, based anywhere within the continental U.S., with frequent virtual and occasional in-person meetings.

Must be able and willing to travel up to 10% for in-person meetings, conferences, and/or other events.

Compensation & Benefits
This is a full-time, salaried position with comprehensive medical, retirement, and other benefits.

Budgeted salary range for this position is $80,000-90,000 with final offer to be based on the individual candidate’s qualifications, experience, personal circumstance, and geographic location.

At Open Road we believe there is value beyond what can be measured in quantitative terms. This is reflected in our views on social impact, and also practiced within our team. In addition to traditional compensation, Open Road is pleased to offer flex vacation, flex schedule, flex office and other non-traditional benefits to all of our staff.

Additional Information

How to Apply
• Email résumé and cover letter to
• Ensure the subject states “Data Scientist —[YOUR NAME]”
• Successful candidates will be contacted for an interview. We regret that we are not in a position to personally respond to all applicants.
• Applications received by February 28th will be given priority.