Deputy Director of PSF

Green Climate Fund (GCF)
Incheon, South Korea
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Grade: IS – 7

Deadline: 31 October 2021 (11:59 PM KST)

Location: Songdo, Incheon, South Korea

Salary: USD 175,600

Recruitment for this position will be managed by an External Recruitment Firm.

The mission of the Green Climate Fund is to assist developing countries to respond to climate change while bringing prosperity to their people.

Established in 2010, the GCF invests in transformational climate projects in the developing world. The Fund makes an ambitious contribution to global climate action and channels significant financial resources into developing countries to help build low-emission and climate-resilient societies.  It is country-driven and undertakes actions that reflect the circumstances of each country concerned and its national aspirations. The GCF is a key enabler of the 2015 Paris Agreement on Climate Change.

Since its establishment, the GCF has approved 177 projects in 123 countries and has committed USD 8.9 billion in climate finance. In addition, it has built up an extensive program to support developing countries to identify their needs, in particular, those who are most vulnerable to climate change impacts.

The GCF’s diverse workforce is advancing its mission from its headquarters in South Korea. Their talented staff makes unique contributions to the Fund, enriching the institution through their combined expertise and professional commitment.

Position Objective

The Deputy Director of PSF will oversee the delivery of a cohesive and transformative climate financing and investment program engaging the local and global private sector in support of the fund’s strategic core areas. He/She will serve as a role model leading PSF’s investment team with insights and being a fair and motivating manager while promoting effective teamwork.

Duties and responsibilities


Integrate the diverse financial products offering within PSF in partnership with sector specialists to develop transformational adaptation and mitigation programmes that support the Fund strategic goals, in line with the GCF Private Sector strategy;
Motivate and lead PSF’s investments specialists team and ensure coherence in the delivery and execution of the Private Sector programme;
Transform PSF practices in creating best in class private climate investment teams known internally and externally;
Provide quality control as PSF’s chief investment officer ensuring all investment programmes are responding to climate imperatives of the Funds and its strategy.


Nurture strong relationships across PSF’s private sector products specialists and the Division of Mitigation and Adaptation (DMA) sector specialists to create a dynamic environment that foster collaboration and create the best transformative programme for the PSF;
Oversee the delivery of managers and create a cohesive, constructive and engaged team across PSF;
Be a role model of teamwork and coherence with the PSF Director around the Fund’s strategic goals;
Support the presentation of programmes throughout the GCF project cycle.


Deliver a strategic programme involving all specialists in a comprehensive manner and create a productive relationship within PSF senior specialists, DMA and the Office of Risk Management and Compliance (ORMC);
Empower the investment team to deliver and originate innovative financing solutions aligned with programs that will unleash the private sector while supporting transformative in the strategic programme of the Fund;
Be responsible for the culture and integrate the values of the organization within and outside PSF.

Required experience and qualifications*

Master’s or higher-level degree in climate science, environmental studies, climate finance or a related field;
At least 15 years of relevantexperience operational experience with multicultural public, private, and/or international organizations; at least 10 years of experience in senior leadership and management roles, preferably in role related to climate change, climate finance and/or climate fund management;
Deep substantive knowledge related to addressing the global challenge of climate change and climate finance;
A substantial record of achievements in a similarly complex and demanding senior roles;
Demonstrated ability to lead and work across a wide range of strategic, operational, and administrative responsibilities with outstanding team and project management skills;
Proven leadership, coaching, and stakeholder engagement experience
Demonstrated ability to constructively adapt and contribute in various settings with a high degree of self-awareness and empathy;
Proven operational experience with a range of financial instruments (such as grants, technical assistance, guarantees, concessional loans and equity) and complex financial structures;
Strong analytical skills and the decisiveness and creativity to solve problems of varied types;
Absolute integrity with an open and fair-minded management style;
Strong communication and advocacy skills; able to engage and motivate a diverse range of stakeholders;
Well-developed political judgement and understanding of the Fund’s multi-dimensional work challenges;
Excellent written and oral communication skills in English are essential for this position; knowledge of another UN language an advantage.

*The person assessed by the Selection Panel as most suitable for the position will be proposed for appointment. Selection among short-listed candidates will also take into account performance at interview, appropriate testing, and references. Applications from women and nationals of developing countries are strongly encouraged.