Design Associate

Value for Women
While applicants from all geographical locations are welcome to apply, this role will be preferable for someone based in India, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Vietnam or Malaysia.
Job Type
Part-time consulting
Deadline for Applications
How to Apply
Send a CV and cover letter to with "Data Associate Application" in the subject line. Please include a sample of work you have previously conducted in line with the role outlined above, namely a description of a data initiative you managed and a sample of insights or communications material resulting from the referred initiative. Deadline for applications is 9th of November.
Where to Apply

What the job is, in sum:
This invitation to join our global team at Value for Women will focus on supporting the development of high quality, appealing and modern visual media for internal and external communications activities and platforms reaching a diversity of international stakeholders. The ideal person will be an expert in conveying information through design in a way that attracts and engages the audience while ensuring the correct display of information. They will be able to make recommendations about practices, techniques and tools to systematically produce visually appealing documents, slides and spreadsheets, while also contributing to active engagement on social media through appealing visuals and animations. They will be able to contribute to the organisation’s brand and image policies and practices with special attention to their organisation’s online presence. Value for Women’s team works best with people who interact positively, who are results-based, entrepreneurial and client-centred.This role is for you if you are:
-Fully proficient in written and spoken English
-A creative type, and love to do design and make Powerpoint presentations, Excel sheets, and Word documents look great and professional.
-Passionate about translating and leveraging data into appealing visuals such as tables, charts, maps, graphs, infographics, dashboards, word clouds, etc. to convey insightful messages, etc and using these products to share with different audiences and engage with them actively over social media.
-Interested in using design, animation, photography, audio and video to influence others and engage audiences.
-You love working with international teams of people, all over the globe and sometimes at odd hours.
-You have high attention to detail and can think ahead.

The main responsibilities
Value for Women is a dynamic, changing organisation that is highly collaborative. We pride theirselves on this structure and on their ability to adapt and continue to maintain relevance in the gender, SME and impact investing space. The following outlines the key responsibilities for this role, and we seek someone who can grow and change along with them; lending their talent, insights, relationships and leadership to the work and to a global team.

Design of reports, presentation and communications:
● Design of Powerpoint and Google Slides Presentations
● Support the VFW team in developing presentations, documents for partners,
clients and presentations
● Design quarterly newsletters, blogs and blasts
● Design templates for internal VFW documents
● Design and ongoing support to edit and maintain an Intranet
● Develop data visualisation products for digital marketing and social media
(infographics, social media banners, maps, charts and branding)
● Support developing an internal photo gallery for social media and organisational

Other support to IT, and tracking internal dashboards for KPIs
● Support web maintenance and/or liaise with service provider on updates to the
● Support design and maintenance of dashboards to present internal KPIs or
relevant stats on organisational performance
● Possible intern management in future

What experience & qualifications Value for Women value for this role:
● Fully proficient in oral and written communications skills in English
● Ability to stay organised and motivated working as part of a remote international team
● Attention to detail and a team player
● Use of project management tools
● Uphold the principles of trust, equality of opportunities, transparency and collaboration
● Positive attitude and optimism about the role of small and growing businesses in
generating positive social impact
● Alignment with Value for Women’s mission, vision and ways of working
● Working independently while focusing on results AND collaboration
● Learning, adapting, and demonstrating their excitement for contributing to the growth of a small and growing business with a social mission

Design experience:
● Excellent graphic design and data visualisation skills
● Excellent management of PPT, word, excel and G Suite package
● Proven experience in the graphic design of reports, PPTs and other format presentations for public consumption
● Proven experience with design software and technologies (such as InDesign, Illustrator,
Dreamweaver, Photoshop)

Additional Information