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Design for Manufacturing: Prefab Latrine Shelters

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WaterSHED operates in the Mekong region of Southeast Asia. We provide business development services to local enterprises such as training and marketing support, research and design of new products and offerings, and we conduct research related to social, behavioral, and financial aspects of the adoption of WASH products and services. We strive to engage local government in every aspect of our work, and place emphasis on continually supporting government’s leadership role. Combining the best practices from the commercial sector and the development world, WaterSHED is building sustainable business systems to improve the health and livelihoods of rural people.

WaterSHED has pioneered the Hands-Off model of private sector engagement, enabled the unsubsidized purchase by consumers of more than 100,000 household latrines, developed a cutting-edge leadership development program for local government officials, designed and launched the world’s first handwashing device manufactured for Base-of-Pyramid consumers, incubated two leading social enterprises in point-of-use water treatment, and much more. We are ambitious about our objectives and are striving to take our initiatives to the next level for massive, multi-country impact. We embrace commercial approaches, believe in the power of leadership, and invest in enabling technologies to support healthy behaviours to become social norms. WaterSHED has been featured in The Economist, the Huffington Post, and the New York Times, and is a twice winner of USAID’s Development Innovation Ventures competition, a winner of Canada Grand Challenges Stars in Global Public Health, and 1st prize winner of the Reed Elsevier Environmental Challenge.


Project Description: Prefab Latrine Shelter Development

Nearly 70% of rural Cambodians still practice open defecation, which can lead to serious illnesses and hinder child development. WaterSHED conducted market research ( and found that the lack of access to desirable latrine shelters is the biggest remaining barrier to achieve total sanitation. The conventional brick shelter costs as much as USD $600 and requires 10 days labor. For those who cannot afford hired labor, construction often takes months to complete. Currently, the long and difficult construction process not only delays latrine adoption for those who have committed to building a toilet but, consequently, deters neighbors from purchasing one. WaterSHED’s improved latrine shelter design will address these problems and break down one of the biggest obstacles to latrine adoption.

Our design is the first permanent household latrine structure for rural markets to be prefabricated, lightweight, flat-packed and easy to assemble. Households will be able to install the panels in one day without the need for special tools; mass production will ensure quality control and allow for rapid scale-up; flat-packing will minimize transportation and storage costs. This solution marks a significant departure from the overwhelming majority of latrine shelters in the world, which are made of bricks and thus are labor-intensive and expensive.


Consultancy Description: Design for Manufacturing

The Manufacturing Consultant will help WaterSHED’s design team take the latrine shelter from prototype to market by setting up mass production.

This role involves navigating the construction manufacturing sector, likely in China but potentially elsewhere in Asia, to identify reliable contract manufacturers and vendors for manufacturing partnerships as well as negotiating the terms of these partnerships.

The Manufacturing Consultant will employ design for manufacturing (DFM) principles to prepare the toilet shelter for production and guide the team through the various testing phases.

The role will require working with manufacturing partners to manage and optimize production processes and scheduling and establish quality assurance and control measures.

The assignment will require travel in Cambodia and China or other Asian manufacturing hub(s). The consultancy will begin in Q3 2015.           



1.       Identify and negotiate with manufacturers and vendors in order to establish manufacturing partnerships.

2.       Review the prototype design and finalize the design for manufacturing.

3.       Optimize production processes and scheduling.

4.       Establish quality control and assurance measures and ensure that such measures are being enforced in the production process.

5.       Test engineering, design and production processes through various stages of scaling.

6.       Ultimately, we should have a fully operational production line for the toilet shelter, with products being delivered from the factory to our warehouse in Cambodia.



  1. Experience taking products, preferably in the construction industry, from prototype to mass production
  2. Deep knowledge of the manufacturing sector in Asia, particularly in China (and ideally have a strong network of contacts)
  3. Experience negotiating with manufacturers
  4. Familiarity with multiple production processes
  5. Experience with design for manufacturing (DFM)
  6. Experience with production line management, scheduling, and optimization
  7. Experience developing and implementing quality assurance and control measures


Expressions of Interest

Interested parties are encouraged to send a brief statement of interest and qualification, CV, and portfolio to with the subject “Design for Manufacture – EOI.”

Shortlisted applicants will receive additional information about the product and instructions for preparing a full proposal. The proposal should describe in detail how the consultant will achieve the deliverables, including the anticipated timeline and budget.

For further information about the organization: or follow us on Facebook or Twitter @WaterSHEDAsia.