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DC Design redesigns America’s social systems like our criminal justice, foster care, healthcare, education, and housing systems to work better for everyone, especially low-income people of color. DC Design University (DCDU) is the education arm of our company, teaching the principles of Design Thinking that they use in our social impact consulting. They’re looking for a Design the Future Coordinator, to manage day-to-day operations and help facilitate growth of our award-winning Design Thinking and STEM program for high school students.

ROLE:​ ​ Design the Future Coordinator – Full Time
LOCATION:​ USA (remote)
Note: This position is largely remote, with in-person elements + travel once safe.
SALARY:​ ​$50,000-$70,000 / year
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WHO ARE THEY? DC Design is a social impact strategy & design consulting firm. Using Human-Centered Design, our cross-disciplinary team engages the key stakeholders affected by a problem, especially those who have been through that problem themselves, to develop solutions that are validated and long-lasting. They partner with social impact entrepreneurs, foundations, nonprofits, governments and companies to address complex social problems and teach them our methods. They have extensive experience redesigning aspects of poverty-related social systems such as criminal justice, education, foster care, healthcare, and housing.

VISION: Design lasting solutions that reduce systemic inequality in America and help people thrive.

MISSION: To advance the well-being of all people by developing strategies, products, services and curricula that benefit those most negatively affected by flaws in America’s social systems.

STRATEGY: They guide social innovators and organizations to create more effective and long-lasting social impact. Through our framework of Multi-Stakeholder Human-Centered Design, they help organizations deepen their community ties and more confidently choose how to apply their limited resources. They bring expertise in crafting strategic plans, updating missions and visions, and developing action plans alongside our clients.

DESIGN: Once a strategy has been identified, they co-develop customized services that are aligned with the needs of the people an organization serves. The apps and services they design are tailored through iterative prototyping rounds to ensure functionality and longevity.

EDUCATION: Through our education arm, DC Design University (DCDU), they offer Design Thinking and social impact education to young people and adults, both online and in-person. A few examples of offerings they have under DC Design University include:

Design the Future:
Design the Future is DC Design’s flagship award-winning Design Thinking & STEM summer program in which small teams of high school students design and build products for individuals with disabilities (our Project Partners).
Design the Future: Digital is the current iteration of this program offering students from all over the world the chance to collaborate remotely to design and build online apps for our Project Partners with disabilities.
They are hoping to grow our program by 10x in the next five years, and expand to partnerships with other organizations.

Teaching Design Thinking to high school and university students like at Stanford University’s design school, to refugees, and to organizations around the world, such as Obama Foundation and

Online courses about Design Thinking and Social Impact
Design Thinking Fundamentals for Social Change: A 7-part, online video course guiding students through a step by step process for creating innovative solutions in their own life.
Jump Start Your Personal Projects with Design Thinking: In this live, online course students explore design thinking, how to increase their motivation, overcome common obstacles, and apply the psychology of habits alongside their cohort. They finish the course with a real, tangible first prototype of their project and a plan for further development that will withstand competing priorities.


The Design the Future Coordinator will play a crucial role in the company as a daily manager for our Design the Future program. Through their ability to think critically about program design and implementation, event planning, systems, and client relationships, they will work with the DC Design team and Design the Future students, families, and staff to ensure program excellence and growth. The Design the Future Coordinator will be integral to expanding and maintaining the Design the Future program. The Design the Future Coordinator will be responsible for working closely with the DCDU Director to develop and implement all aspects of the program including: student experience, budgeting, staffing, marketing and communications, systems, reporting and expansion efforts. They are looking for a Design the Future Coordinator with skill sets in multiple areas to make an immediate impact within the company and with our students. Desired core skills/experiences are listed below with complementary skill sets listed as well.

Work with the DCDU Director and other team members to design and implement strategies for program development, student recruitment, staff recruitment and training, program funding and partnerships, and overall management and health of the program.
Serve as the “project manager” for program preparation, tracking all tasks and deadlines associated with the program.
Assist with curriculum development and design
Manage program communications, both internally and externally
Manage staff and interns in multiple program areas
Assist in developing and executing program outreach strategies
Oversee recruitment of program staff, interns and volunteers
Facilitate operations before, during and after program
Manage access to software and tools needed by students and staff
Draft and finalize staff contracts
Manage scheduling of pre-program training for staff
Oversee day to day operations during program (Zoom facilitation, student and staff engagement, breakout room management)
Assist DCDU Director on all post-program reporting and documentation
Provide strategy for creating long-term engagement opportunities for program alums (students, staff and Project Partners)
Provide strategy, relationship building and other support for growing the program and increasing funding opportunities to provide more scholarships for low-income students historically underrepresented in STEM and systemic design fields.
Complete other tasks as needed, including those directed by DCDU Director, DC Design COO, and DC Design CEO

You have a bachelor’s degree in education or education administration, social impact or non-profit management, business development, or other related field.
You have a minimum of three years experience in a related organization or role with demonstrated leadership experience.
You are comfortable deciding what is needed when coordinating events and working towards multiple goals, and have an inclination to take the initiative to execute on those things, looking for ways to support participants and/or staff.
You have a background in program communications and managing a company or organization’s program to meet a specific need within a community
You have experience in a client or customer service role, or a similar role that involves relationship management.
You have experience managing staff and lead with open communication.
You thrive both while working independently and while working in collaborative, team-based environments.
You are a team player, excited at the prospect of working on a small, agile team.
You are an excellent written communicator.
You have passion for addressing deeply ingrained social problems.
You​ ​are​ ​self-driven,​ ​independent,​ ​and​ ​willing​ ​to​ ​go​ ​above​ ​and​ ​beyond​ ​to​ ​learn​ ​new skills,​ ​even​ ​if​ ​they​ ​are​ ​not​ ​in​ ​your​ ​educational​ ​background.

HELPFUL​ ADDITIONAL ​SKILLS​ ​(Not​ ​required​ ​but​ ​great):
You have experience in designing products or events that have both physical and digital components.
You have experience in recruiting students for similar programs, with a particular focus on effective outreach and engagement with low-income, students of color
You have experience in social impact fundraising and development


INSTAGRAM: @dcdesignltd and @youdesignthefuture
FACEBOOK: DC Design and Design the Future