Design Thinking Instructor

Kalu Yala
Job Type
Full time
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You are innovative design thinker, a comprehensive systems thinker, and a talented educator. You have studied taught the the design-thinking framework, and have the technical skills to rapid prototype using scrap wood, deflated air mattresses and whatever else you may find laying around. You’re creative and resourceful and can solve just about any problem using bamboo and power tools. You’re positive and see problems as opportunities.

You feel comfortable leading 10 university level students for a 10-week semester, teaching them about the design-thinking process in an off-the-grid wilderness environment. Each week there will be 5 hours of traditional education to your students in the form of lecture or seminar based learning. For 15 hours each week, your students will serve in assistant roles as you lead them in your own Kalu Yala based design-thinking project utilizing the experiential learning model. 10 hours are reserved for you to facilitate your students pursuing independent projects that serve the community and build off skills learned in class.

You are also responsible for administration and planning of lessons as well as accessing communications and documenting. Though we are in an off-the-grid setting there is still a need for using technology and communicating with other venues and administration. Directors will be evaluated on skills in project management, facilitation and teaching.


Spanish speaker

Wilderness First Responder or other medical training

CPR certified

Manual vehicle/4×4 experience

Flexible and resilient

Experience living in community

3+ years working in a firm in a design role, teachingproject management a plus

Degree related to design-thinking, architecture, urban planning, or furniture design

Strong planner who enjoys organization

Group leadership skills

Excited to connect to members of the local community

Desire to help fulfill the vision of Kalu Yala, expressed here:

Looking forward to living in a comfortable camp in the Panamanian jungle

$2,000 per month in salary, which is actually quite significant in Panama\’s jungles

Bonus based on performance review

Room + Board in our tropical wilderness camp

6 weeks paid vacation, accrued semesterly

Additional Information

Please apply at the following link: