Development and Communications Manager

Semilla Nueva
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How to Apply
To apply please send your cover letter, CV, and 2-3 writing samples and examples of communication materials to Please note “Development and Communications Manager” and your last name in the subject line of your email.
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Summary of the Position
Semilla Nueva is hiring a development and communication manager to manage their fundraising with individual and smaller private foundations, build their public image, and develop partnerships. This position will not be responsible for program development or programmatic reporting. We are looking for a passionate, creative, and outgoing leader with a strong mind for communication and relationship management.This position will report to and collaborate closely with the executive director, oversee 1-2 coordinator positions, and will be a part of their senior leadership team. The position will require time in Guatemala, but Semilla Nueva is open to candidates who have a compelling case for leading their development efforts internationally.

• Bachelor’s degree in business, international development, global health, or related field required.
• Minimum 3-5 years’ professional experience in fundraising primarily to US audiences.
• Proven leadership developing powerful materials (PowerPoint presentations, websites, videos, and written stories).
• Excellent communication skills with an ability to communicate complicated ideas simply and with emotional appeal.
• High attention to detail
• Demonstrated leadership, stress-management, and flexibility in the work environment.

• Fluent Spanish
• Leadership in raising at least $1M/yr
• Graduate study in business, international development, or a related field
• Experience with client management and CRM software
• Leadership experience in an international development organization or domestic nonprofit
• Ability to drive a manual transmission vehicle or willingness to learn.
• Experience with fundraising and relationship management

• Full-time position with travel to Guatemala
• Minimum commitment of two years
• Ability to work independently, proactively, and prioritize/coordinate a variety of activities.
• Ability to creatively problem-solve in challenging work environments.
• Comfortable traveling to and staying in rural parts of Guatemala with difficult living conditions.
• Comfortable driving in Guatemala, with a valid driver’s license

Specific Tasks

1. Relationship Development and Management – The development and communication manager will be responsible for maintaining and developing relationships with both new and existing foundations and large donors. The position will oversee tracking of all relationships using a CRM. This position will also be responsible for planning and organizing field visits with partners and donors out in the field, showcasing their programs to generate interest. Finally, the position will need to answer difficult questions on Semilla Nueva’s strategic plan, proposals, and financials—using relevant details to clear up or redirect inquiries while also being open about when Semilla Nueva does not have answers. This position will not lead the application writing process but will be involved in application writing as needed.

2. Content Creation and Management – The development and communication manager will collaborate with other members of the organization and third-party designers to create content that communicates Semilla Nueva’s most important data and stories. They will supervise a Guatemala based development and communication coordinator who will be responsible for identifying powerful impact stories. This position will also work with Semilla Nueva’s M&E coordinator to create graphics on their impact. The position will oversee the creation of videos, expansion of their website, oversee the development of newsletters and social media that communicate the need in Guatemala and the power of their solution—and work to amplify the reach of these messages through media partnerships.

3. Management and Leadership – The program and development manager will need to work with several other departments to achieve their goals, including with Semilla Nueva’s project development and reporting department, finance department, and operations, while participating in Semilla Nueva’s leadership team. Semilla Nueva is a quickly growing and maturing start-up and requires strong candor, communication abilities, and grit.

Before applying, please review their website:, including blogs and annual reports.

To apply please send your cover letter, CV, and 2-3 writing samples and examples of communication materials to Please note “Development and Communications Manager” and your last name in the subject line of your email.