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SunCulture designs and sells solar-powered irrigation systems and agricultural extension services that make it cheaper and easier for farmers in Kenya to grow high-value fresh fruits and vegetables. The company’s solar-powered drip irrigation systems deliver water directly to crop roots, resulting in yield gains of up to 300% and water savings of up to 80%. The payback to the farmer purchasing the system is one three-month growing season – based on fuel, fertilizer, and labor savings and crop yield increases.

Awards: As an industry-leading company, SunCulture has received numerous prizes and awards including:

•       Winner – Powering Agriculture: An Energy Grand Challenge for Development, 2015
•       Winner – GSMA Mobile for Development Utilities Innovation Fund, 2015
•       Winner – Climate Technology Initiative Private Financing Advisory Network (CTI-PFAN), 2014
•       Winner – Future Award Africa Prize in Agriculture, 2014
•       Winner – Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership (REEEP), 2014
•       Winner – The Energy and Environment Partnership Program (EEP), 2014
•       Finalist – Sustainia Award 2015, Winner of Food Innovation category, 2015
•       Finalist – Sankalp Awards East Africa, 2014
•       Member – United Nations Foundation Global Accelerator, 2014
•       Fellow – Unreasonable Institute East Africa, 2014

Position Summary: SunCulture is looking for a versatile and dynamic candidate capable of managing multiple finance and operations roles in a fast-growing startup environment. This is an exciting opportunity to contribute directly to the growth of a company by creating and implementing operational and financial controls and systems that will allow the company to scale across the region, while contributing to long-term strategic decisions. SunCulture’s management intends for this position to transition into a Chief Finance Officer or Chief Operations Officer role within 18-24 months.

Preferred start date: 1 February 2015
Benefits: TBD, possibility of equity package

Responsibilities to include:


•       Set the financial strategy of the company
•       Manage and improve all internal financial systems, including cash, inventory, and payment systems
•       Create financial controls that support scale across multiple offices in multiple countries
•       Manage cash flow
•       Oversee daily operations of the finance and accounting department
•       Recommend benchmarks for measuring the financial and operating performance of the company
•       Monitor and analyze monthly operating results against budget
•       Manage the preparation of financial outlooks and financial forecasts
•       Manage reporting to CEO, Board of Directors, and donors
•       Assist CEO with fundraising


•       Develop/refine and implement processes for inventory management, procurement, document management, and loss prevention
•       Work with local and international suppliers to ensure high-quality, timely, and cost-effective delivery of required goods and services
•       Plan and manage the use of physical plant, assist in identification of required physical resources (new office/warehouse locations)
•       Work with third-party logistics companies to build-out and manage region-wide distribution

•       5+ years experience management experience preferred, previous startup experience preferred
•       Very proficient in accounting, financial forecasting, and creating financial models
•       Very strong written and verbal communication skills
•       Outstanding attention to detail
•       Proficiency with Microsoft Excel and Quickbooks
•       BA/BS in finance or finance-related discipline preferred; MS/MBA a plus
•       Strong systems-thinking skills
•       Strong quantitative and qualitative analytical skills

To apply, please send your cover letter and CV to