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Harvard Kennedy School
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The New World Social Enterprise Fellows Program is an innovative, “next-generation” program for highly effective social change, supported by New World Development Company and the Gleitsman Program in Leadership for Social Change. This program targets students committed to developing and launching new social ventures, as well as those interested in proposing innovations for existing programs and organizations, in all cases to create far-reaching solutions for the world’s most pressing social problems. The Program builds on students’ academic pursuits and HKS course work with co-curricular training and a strong experiential component to help them develop the necessary capabilities.

The Director of the New World Social Enterprise Fellows Program will be responsible for the selection of Fellows, as well as development of programming aimed at helping and supporting the fellows’ projects. The Director will also be responsible for tracking students’ progress, and ensuring the connectivity of the program and its participants within the Harvard community and across the spectrum of social enterprise work more broadly. Working closely with the Alan L. Gleitsman Professorship of Social Innovation, the Director will work to create valuable, skills-based programming for the Fellows, as well as for the HKS and Harvard community.

The Director will be tasked with working closely not only with the program’s students and working to individualize their programming and training given varied interests, curricular decisions, and degree-enrollment, but also with maintaining strong ties to the social enterprise community so as to identify and match students with mentors in the community that align with their interests and knowledge gaps, create valuable programming that will build out the toolkit of the program’s students, and secure the program’s place as a unique and valuable player in the social enterprise space. In addition, as the program is in its early stages, the Director should be prepared to develop a rigorous system of measurement for the program’s students, so as to gauge their mastery of skills, success in navigating the existing space of their chosen topic area, and ultimate viability and success of their post-graduate plans.

The Director will also be responsible for mapping out post-enrollment and community plans for the program as it advances, including strategic planning for engagement of program alumni, as well as long-term success metrics and measurement.

Additional Information

*Basic Qualifications
7 years working in and/or with social enterprise organizations. Knowledge of and interest in public policy and government.
Additional Qualifications
Demonstrated knowledge of and strong ties to the Social Enterprise community strongly desired. Experience building programming, metrics, and engagement plans. Ability to work across teams and with multiple projects and constituencies. Successful candidates will possess strong interpersonal, organizational and communication skills, the ability to prioritize and handle a wide range of tasks simultaneously, good judgment, sense of initiative and problem-solving skills, and an attention to detail. Ability to work independently with minimal supervision as well as with a team of faculty, administrators, and students.