Director – Venture & Private Equity

US International Development Finance Corporation
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This position is part of the U.S. International Development Finance Corporation. As a Venture & Private Equity Director you will be responsible for managing complex, sensitive, and precedent setting direct equity investments. You will be responsible for carrying out the full range of new equity investments and undertake all tasks required to process transactions from initial screening through due diligence, negotiating, and structuring, approval, documentation, closing and funding.

Support team in sourcing new potential investments, managing deal pipeline, and taking investments from screening, due diligence, structuring, negotiating, to closing.

Manage analyses of direct equity proposals to determine their market, competitive, business, and financial viability, including review of financial statements, proform financial models and valuation analyses.

Lead preparation of investment memos by synthesizing due diligence analysis to present potential investments to various committees for approval.

Create financial models, valuation analyses, and conducts sensitivity analyses to test investment assumptions and key economic drivers.

Performs analyses of country related macroeconomic and microeconomic risks; risks related to investment contractual obligations; the eligibility, financial standing and business background of the company.

Support negotiation with interested parties on U.S. International Development Finance Corporation (DFC) investment terms and agreements, including coordinating on project financial plans and agreements, with other development finance institutions, private equity and venture capital firms, and other commercial institutions.

Provides the department with in-depth direct equity investment procedural expertise, participating in interdepartmental and external activities, if needed, and advise on the DFC’s direct equity program and other financing programs and initiatives.

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** Please specify month/year on resume for all experiences.