Educator Engagement Role

Better World Education
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At Better World Education we\’re bringing together people who thrive at the intersection of social entrepreneurship, education, and storytelling. People committed to helping educators and youth lead lifelong effective positive change in their classrooms and beyond. Join us as we build the globally adaptable K-12 curriculum for global good.

In the Educator Engagement Role, you\’ll learn rapidly with hundreds (soon thousands) of Better World Educators globally. You\’re building authentic relationships with educators through emails, calls, hangouts, classroom visits, and focus groups — keeping a constant pulse of what\’s working and what isn\’t with Better World Educators and the communities they engage with. You\’re creating trust and listening with your ears, eyes, heart, and intuition. And this is helping you bring new educators (from diverse environments) into the movement, too.

You\’re all about aligning stakeholders through brilliant communication. You\’re synthesizing and communicating educator feedback to help inform improvements for BWE development, organizational principles, and overall strategy. You\’re keeping educators aware of and excited about upcoming stories and features, while also providing support for classroom implementation based on what we\’re learning. You\’re enabling them to enable students, educators, and communities to lead widespread change. Organically. Authentically.

You\’ll focus on improving outcomes and impacts through measurement. You\’re accurately assessing progress across our Theory of Change to help ensure the BWE development ship stays on course. You\’re leveraging tools like B Analytics, various evaluation methodologies (like J-PAL\’s), and sets of metrics (like IRIS) to effectively understand and map outcomes — and equally importantly, to help educators do the same as they lead change in our global communities. You\’re drawing on data to help inform the BWE movement\’s strategy for achieving our Theory of Change effectively and efficiently. You\’re leveraging learning loops.

If you\’re hungry to make this vision reality, reach out and let us know why.