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Questscope is a non-profit, non-government, non-sectarian, charitable organization, founded in 1988, for the purpose of social development among marginalized people and communities.  Questscope is based in the Middle East with headquarters in Amman, Jordan and is funded through the generosity of individual and corporate donors that believe in our mandate, “Putting the Last First”, and through contracts with international agencies to provide opportunities and service to marginalized people and communities.

The 21st Century calls for unique attitudes and actions – distinctives embedded in the DNA of Questscope:
1)            The Last and the Least become leaders with enhanced capability and increased competence;
2)            Rooted in the Middle East – founded as a response to a humanitarian crisis in 1982;
3)            Institutional culture reflects a combination of Arab and Western leadership;
4)            Peace-making across cultural, social, geographical lines is a core practice among our staff and volunteers;
5)            Intense commitment to Arab staff and volunteers as the social, intellectual and cultural capital/human resources to carry us forward;
6)            High level of accountability to those we serve and to those who enable us to serve;
7)            Intense awareness of the spiritual, emotional, mental and physical potential of human beings;
8)            Expertise in bringing governmental agencies and non-governmental entities together for common, pro-social benefit;
9)            Core belief that human relationships are fundamental to all individual and social progress;
10)        A strong track record of youth development/empowermentwith disadvantaged and refugee Middle Eastern youth for the past 25 years.


The Engagement Manager will contribute greatly to the profile and success of Questscope in the United States as a significant supporter of Questscope in the Middle East, Questscope in Europe, and Questscope partners in the Middle East.  These entities provide the leadership and infrastructure to support the development of Arab and refugee youth affected by conflict and who face lack of advancement opportunities.
A primary need is to increase the friending and funding base of Questscope to enable the organization to create innovation with and among our target populations and sustain that innovation with long-range donor partnerships.
The Engagement Manager will be a remarkably creative individual capable of collaborating with the International Founder/Director, Directors of Jordan, Syria, MENA Region and others to design, articulate and implement a strategy to drive philanthropic resource growth:  sustaining and expanding current donations and attracting/acquiring new donors – improving traditional methods and approaches and introducing/improving the use of technology in non-traditional approaches.  He/she will help develop institutional strength (reputation, resources, and relationships) to sustain funding for the mandate and the distinctive approaches of Questscope.
The Engagement Manager will collaborate with the US Board of Directors to support their capacities to raise funds.  He/she will collaborate closely with current and future country programs and build close working relationships with key country leadership to ensure that all actions align with and contribute to Questscope mission and mandate.
He/she reports directly to the International Director and indirectly to Country Directors and MENA Regional Director. He/she will collaborate with QS staff, partner staff and volunteers to enrich current philanthropic strategies identify and secure new revenue streams and steward all donor sources.  He/she will work closely with the QS Communications & Fundraising Coordinator and the Media Communications & Outreach Manager as well as liaising with the Development Department of the American Refugee Committee (ARC) on an ongoing basis.



1.      Build a profile that demonstrates that Questscope is a uniquely effective and significant charitable solution for at-risk youth in the Middle East and from the Middle East in other countries.
2.      Craft and shape Questscope stories to share with the outside world in close cooperation with Questscope communications staff for the development of all external communications.
3.      Maintain and discover multifaceted philanthropic organization partnerships, especially with global multinational churches, mosques, corporations and foundations.
4.      Increase the visibility of the individual-, institutional- and policy-level solutions Questscope provides to youth in and from the Middle East so that QS is understood as a significant thought-leader to be funded for emerging societal stabilization and reduction of youth involvement in violence, etc.
5.      Build a core network with Questscope and its partners, non-government organizations (NGOs) and government actors to enhance Questscope’s performance and reputation as a uniquely effective and significant charitable organization.
6.      Find new donors and friends for Questscope.  Identify new philanthropic revenue streams that have the potential to accelerate organizational growth and innovation.  Lead identification, solicitation, design, and implementation for new and diverse funding sources.  Forge closer relationships with new generations of philanthropists, especially among supporting regions (hubs), both geographically and digitally, to grow current organizational support.
7.      Continually express gratitude and appreciation to all Questscope donors and friends.
8.      Steward, maintain and report on all philanthropic sources.  Cultivate and maintain relationships with major donors by responding to their inquiries, keeping them apprised of recent events with the organization and showing them the progress their donations have made possible.  Develop and maintain key long-term relationships with donors, prospects and friends.
9.      Develop a marketing strategy to build brand-awareness through a creative, cost-effective plan to increase Questscope brand warmth with new prospects, organizations and influencers domestically in the USA and internationally.
10.     Proactively engage with directors of country programs to ensure that: 1) communications’ design is aligned with Questscope’s mandate and mission, 2) funding needs are adequately projected and potential funding streams identified, 3) internal and external communication is relevant and timely, and 4) monitoring and evaluation enhances future donor cultivation.
11.     Introduce donors to the amazing people at Questscope –  build community that promotes deep connection, networked problem-solving, and personal meaning.  Facilitate connections through events, trips, meetings, and other offers.
12.     Oversee and manage the Questscope fundraising budget and revenue targets.  Regularly assess which avenues of support provide the most positive results for efforts expended.  Work closely with the JO/MENA Regional Director, Syria Director and finance team(s) to manage risk and upside to ensure fulfillment of budget objectives and plan goals.
13.     Assist the International Director and Country Directors to build & maintain a portfolio of (100+) Major Gift Prospects, individuals who have the ability to make a charitable gift of up to $25,000 or more over a five-year period. Work with the Board to plan and successfully execute high-level solicitations from major donors.
14.     Create a planned giving program.  Identify and secure support from planned giving prospects.
15.  Any other tasks assigned by International Director / Founder.

1.      Collaborate in the growth and maintenance of US domestic philanthropic support to $1,000,000 to $1,500,000 in the first year, increasing in subsequent years.
2.      Grow and maintain private, US individual donor pool to 500 in the first year.
3.      Grow and maintain Donor Advised Fund Participation and Exposure across top donor regions, both geographical and digitally.
4.      Establish consistent culture of planned philanthropy across current or new donors to Questscope with 10 planned gifts in first 2 years.
5.      In collaboration with the International Director and the US Board Chairperson, develop US board member’s capacity as required.
6.      Maintain profile in US Church partnerships by speaking/arranging events at a minimum of 15 church gatherings a year.
7.      Identify existing donors to reactivate and upgrade new donors and partners to support innovation, program need, and annual fund.
8.      Establish Donor Engagement Process language across Questscope to understand donor discovery, identification, qualification, cultivation, negotiation, solicitation and stewardship.
9.      Establish or maintain donor database with detailed call reports and automated reports on gift history, ticklers to remind stewardship steps and reminders on project or focus interests for donors on potential projects on regional, thematic or cost descriptors.


1.      Graduate Degree preferred but not required.  Experience is more important.
2.      4+ years of fundraising experience.  Preference to candidates with experience in multinational organizations and youth-centric missions.  Faith-based organization experience a major plus.
3.      Computer systems understanding, Microsoft office suite and Raisers Edge mastery. Personal experience with shaping fundraising systems and data, and enabling geographically dispersed constituents to coordinate fundraising activities; experience leveraging fundraising databases and support systems for donor segmentation, research and volunteer management.
4.      An experienced fundraiser with exemplified ability to close gifts. Motivated by targets. A resume that highlights experience and success.
5.      Experienced networker with extensive relationships.


1.      A keen learner, willing to suspend judgement in new circumstances with new people.
2.      Self-motivated and prepared to make all teammates succeed.
3.      History of excellent vertical (with supervisors and supervised individuals) and horizontal relationships (with colleagues, volunteers, partners).
4.      An unalterable passion and belief in the possibility of every child/every young person in every situation.
5.      Passion, understanding and commitment to the Questscope mission/mandate and DNA. A great curiosity for Questscope and Middle East-related issues.
6.      An absolute commitment to listen to understand the needs and hopes of the \”other.\”
7.      Ability to work closely with a wide range of people including senior business professionals and philanthropic donors, academic and policy leaders, nonprofit and government professionals; particularly adept at collaborating with subject matter experts and leaders of the highest caliber, and leveraging the abilities and knowledge of leaders for fundraising purposes.
8.      A dynamic presence, with the intellectual ability to command the respect and attention of all.
9.      A strategic thinker able to move concepts or theories into practice for philanthropic impact.
10.     Significant experience and demonstrated success cultivating and soliciting high level prospects and donors across multiple donor channels through front-line fundraising.
11.     Exceptional organizational skills: the ability to work productively in an environment that is volatile (every day the news changes) and fast-paced (people want to know what is going on quickly) as well as the ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously.
12.     Help set and manage appropriate philanthropic expectations at the executive and board level.
13.     Handle and communicate detailed, complex, sensitive concepts & problems to donors.
14.     Manage 3rd party vendors and keep philanthropic budgets on schedule.
15.     Understanding of multiple planned giving vehicles.
16.     Frequent US domestic (twice/month) travel (overnights and weekends) and occasional international travel.

Questscope is an Equal Opportunity Employer offering employment without regard to race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, national origin, citizenship, physical or mental disability, or protected veteran status.  American Refugee Committee complies with all applicable laws governing nondiscrimination in employment.

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