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The Engagement Officer will work closely with Shanti’s international team (based both in Canada and Uganda) to ensure successful communications across all platforms and to be the face of the organization for volunteers, interns, and visitors. Shanti has a long history of hosting training retreats, university interns, volunteer medical professionals, and others in Uganda as part of our social enterprise model. The Engagement Officer will plan, coordinate, and help create amazing experiences for all visitors. The Engagement Officer will also strengthen Shanti’s sustainable funding model by improving reach and engagement of donors by communicating organization impact. The fellow will report to the Operations Director (based in Canada), but work closely with the team in Uganda, including the Country Director, Program Manager (in charge of programs and monitoring and evaluation), and the other GHC fellow.

Shanti Uganda’s mission is to improve infant and maternal health throughout Uganda. Our vision is all women have access to a midwife and are able to birth safely within a respectful, collaborative care model. We value community participation, unity, sustainability, and traditional knowledge. Supporting over 1,300 births and impacting over 46,000 lives throughout Uganda since 2008, Shanti Uganda’s proven model of success is poised to scale in order to impact more women and girls throughout Uganda.

The Shanti Uganda Birth House is a solar powered maternity center on one acre of land in the Luwero District of Uganda. The Birth House provides mother-centered care throughout pregnancy, birth, and the postnatal period and acts as a community hub from which Shanti Uganda runs family planning education, prenatal education, prenatal yoga, a Community Garden Program, Teen Health Workshops, and new Postpartum Home Outreach program. Our key priorities in the next year are:

Enhance evidence-based, holistic programs that improve maternal and infant health
Develop the leadership and governance capacity of the organization
Build a strong organization with diverse funding sources to increase financial sustainability and strengthen operations
Deepen program effectiveness and strengthen partnerships through quality impact measurement

This position is part of the Global Health Corps fellowship. Global Health Corps (GHC) is a leadership development organization focused on building the next generation of diverse, disruptive global health leaders. Founded in 2009, we competitively recruit talented professionals (ages 21-30) from a range of sectors and backgrounds and place them in high-impact roles within partner organizations — including Clinton Health Access Initiative, Partners in Health, Planned Parenthood Global, and Government Ministries in Zambia, Rwanda, and Uganda — working on the front lines of health equity in Malawi, Rwanda, Uganda, the US, and Zambia.