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Nairobi, Kenya
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Agsol is hiring an engineering intern to be based in Nairobi, Kenya. This is an exciting and important role in our young company and we’re looking for someone who wants a challenging new adventure, has the right mix of great technical and interpersonal skills, and is driven by using his/her energy and skills to deliver social impact.

Agsol manufactures leading edge solar powered agro-processing machines for off-grid farming communities. Our life-changing machines convert the most important staple foods into edible and higher value food products. By linking agricultural machines with solar power, Agsol offers off-grid farming communities a new tool to improve their agricultural productivity and simultaneously gain access to real energy services.
Over the past three years, Agsol has deployed over 700 machines into the field, mostly in the Pacific region. We’ve recently established a Nairobi base and are about to put 70 machines into the field and are currently designing a new, super-efficient, direct drive machine.

As the engineering intern, you will be working with customers and influencing Agsol’s internal product development process. You will be working on preparing products for installation in the field, doing installations, working with partners and customers, training, monitoring and evaluation, and providing after sales tech support. Since Agsol is an early stage company with constant product development the feedback from the field during installation and after sales support will be tantamount to improving product design.

You’re probably the type of person that has always liked to tinker with things, pull things apart, and figure out how they work or how to improve them. You are inherently practical and results driven. You roll up your sleeves to get things done and make things happen with whatever resources are available to you. Your energy, enthusiasm and ability to deliver, has that magical effect of rallying colleagues, partners and stakeholders to support your cause.
You appreciate that being part of a young and dynamic company you need to be adaptable and willing to step outside your core role when needed. This may include regular travel, field work, representing the company at events, writing reports, and meeting partners and customers.
The role will have the following duties and responsibilities:
Ensure machines and other components are fully prepared with all required parts before deployment into the field
• Coordinate and manage field visits for machine installation
• Prepare training guides and instructions on installation and operation for both Agsol distribution
partners and customers
• Train partner staff on machine installation and operation
• Demonstrate solar mills at industry events and generally support marketing and sales
• Procure parts and supplies as necessary
• Create testing protocols and carry out these tests on the machines, in different formats
• Support on importation of machines and components from China
• Be part of a broader market research effort in carrying out interviews, testing etc. in the field
with partners, customers and end users
• Support new product development
• Prepare reports on field visits, installations and machine performance as required
SKILLS & EXPERIENCE – Required (R) Desirable (D)
• Experience with mechanical and/or electrical engineering, both in a theoretical and practical sense (R)
• Ability to understand a problem or issue, come up with an approach to deal with it and follow through (R)
• Knowledge of solar technology and its application (D)
• Familiarity with machining processes (e.g. CNC milling, lathes) and basic workshop tools (e.g.
welder, drill press, grinder) – hands on experience will be viewed highly (D)
• Familiarity with design for manufacture concepts that can accommodate small initial production
volumes with a view to future larger volumes (D)
• Practical: tremendous ability to get stuff done with limited resources (R)
• Strong work ethic: willing to work a non-traditional work schedule in a non-traditional and
dynamic working environment (R)
• Adaptable and culturally/socially sensitive: combining patience, empathy and honesty with
assertiveness and commitment (R)
• Driven: to do something good in this world with your skills and talents (R)