Engineering Volunteer – Biomass Energy Systems Project

Paranas, Samar, Philippines
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Short-Term Volunteer
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CocoAsenso is a social enterprise startup that is creating market and employment opportunities for remote coconut farmers in the Philippines.  We are doing this by establishing a network of small-scale coconut processing facilities that increase efficiency in coconut value chains.

We have just begun operations of our first processing facility on the island of Samar, one of the poorest and largest coconut producing regions of the Philippines.

A more detailed description of CocoAsenso’s business model and engineering challenges are provided below, following the internship description (page five).

Project Overview:
We are looking for a remote volunteer interested in helping us design an integrated biomass energy system for our small-scale coconut processing facilities.

This project is intended to be a first-stage ideation exercise and feasibility study.  The second part of the project will begin in mid-July with the hiring a intern who will join us in the Philippines to help finalize our design and construct a working prototype of our biomass energy system.

What we’re looking for in a volunteer:
Experienced mechanical engineering (or similar) student or professional
Strong skills in mechanical and thermal design and analysis
Passionate about gasification technologies
Creative thinker and capable of creating frugal innovations
Willing to commit the time needed to produce high-quality deliverables between now and mid-June

The volunteer will propose an integrated biomass energy system that meets all of the energy needs for our coconut processing facilities while optimizing cost-effectiveness and simplicity.  Our deliverable requirements for this project are not rigid and we are open to any ideas that may benefit the development of our energy system.

Deliverables may include:
An analysis of the various alternative arrangements of the system
A decision matrix
Process flow diagrams
Instrumentation and control drawings
A basic description of required equipment (e.g., type of charcoal kiln, heat exchangers, gasifier and generator)
Basic technical drawings of the proposed system and equipment

Mid-April to Mid-June

Support offered:
Unfortunately, as a start-up, we are unable to provide financial support for this project. However, we are enthusiastic to provide feedback and guidance to help ensure that this project is as valuable as possible for the volunteer and CocoAsenso (Skype calls to answer questions and provide guidance, running basic experiments at our facility, checking local market for available materials, etc.).

For Interested Applicants

Please click the following link to learn more about CocoAsenso and the engineering challenges you would be working on:

Then follow this link to apply via Google form:

Application Deadline

We are currently accepting and reviewing applications on a rolling basis. If the position is still listed on our website, we are still accepting applications.

Internship opportunity (Summer 2018):
CocoAsenso will be hiring a summer engineering intern (with stipend) to finalize the design of our energy system with our team in the Philippines. More information about the opportunity is available here:

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