Entrepreneurship Instructor

Kalu Yala
Job Type
Full time
Deadline for Applications
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You are a founder who has started a for-profit or non-profit and knows the challenges. You see entrepreneurship as a solution to environmental and social issues. You can explain to both experienced and novice entrepreneurs the nuts and bolts of starting a socially conscious business. You know how to perform a market study and the importance of customer acquisition and sales.

Lead 10 undergraduate students in a 10-week semester, working with them to design and launch new products in Specialty Foods, Consumer Goods, Eco-Tourism Services, and Social Innovation. Each week, there will be 5 hours of traditional education to your students in the form of lecture or seminar based learning. For 15 hours each week, your students will serve in assistant/intern roles as you lead them in your own Kalu Yala based product development and new business launch project. 10 hours are reserved for you to facilitate your students pursuing their own product development independent projects. And 10 hours are reserved for administration and planning of lessons and the following week.


Spanish speaker
Wilderness First Responder or other medical training
CPR certified
Manual vehicle/4×4 experience
Flexible and resilient
Experience living in community

5+ years working in business administration, product development, or launching a business.

Degree related to entrepreneurship, business management, or finance.

Have experience starting businesses and writing business plans

Strong planner who enjoys organization

Group leadership skills and high social/emotional intelligence

Comfortable and familiar with team communication and project management tools including Google Docs, Slack, and Asana.

Desire to help fulfill the vision of Kalu Yala, expressed here: www.kaluyala.com

Looking forward to living in a comfortable camp in the Panamanian jungle

$2,000 per month in salary, which is actually quite significant in Panama\’s jungles

Bonus based on performance review

Room + Board in our tropical wilderness camp

6 weeks paid vacation yearly, 2 weeks accrued semesterly after 3 month probationary period

Additional Information

Please apply at this link: https://kaluyala.bamboohr.com/jobs/view.php?id=8