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Out of Poverty Team
Executive Assistant (EA) Job Description
The Out of Poverty Team is a small group of individuals supporting the work of Paul Polak, the father and guru of the social entrepreneurship movement. Social Entrepreneurship pairs for-profit startup perseverance and brilliance with global social impact for the 2.6 billion people who live off of less than two dollars per day. Paul is in the process of initiating three transformative global companies, in the water and energy sectors, Transform Energy, Windhorse International/Spring Health, and Affordable Village Solar/SunWater. The EA will perform a range of administrative and office support activities for the office and/or assistants/employees/interns to facilitate the efficient operation of all of Paul’s work. Specific responsibilities associated with the role are outlined below.  The EA will work directly with Paul Polak and share an office space with him and other interns/assistants.

Duties and Responsibilities
·         Administrative support of Paul’s work includes background detail work, such as answering and monitoring emails, phones, managing Paul’s schedule and calendar, working alongside Paul and learning from his vast experience
·         Preparing presentations for talks, most frequently using the Prezi application
·         Grant/Proposal writing for new ventures, funding opportunities, investments, etc.
·         Management of other interns/assistants, this includes hiring of new interns when necessary
·         Networking, includes creating and maintaining connections in the Social Entrepreneurship field and otherwise
·         Marketing, a vast category that may include recruiting for interviews from major news sources, maintaining Paul’s website and social media accounts, designing and implementing new and improved social media strategies
·         Research and reports as directed by Paul, will have to do with Paul’s new ventures in water and energy sectors
·         Attending meetings to create meeting minutes and records
·         File and retrieve organizational documents, records and reports
·         Maintain confidentiality in all aspects of staff and agency information
·         Manage schedules and calendars for staff as necessary
·         Other duties as assigned
Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities
·         Computer savvy
·         Excellent writing, analytical and problem-solving skills
·         Knowledge of principles and practices of organization, planning, records management and general administration
·         Ability to communicate effectively
·         Ability to operate standard office equipment, including but not limited to, computers, telephone systems, calculators, copiers and facsimile machines
·         Ability to follow oral and written instructions
Key Competencies/Qualifications
·         Self-starter attitude and personal initiative
·         Attention to detail and accuracy
·         Planning and organizing
·         Prioritizing and re-prioritizing
·         Problem assessment and problem solving
·         Information gathering and information monitoring
·         Flexibility
·         Adaptability
·         Patience and Perseverance
·         Teamwork
·         Multi-tasking and ability to complete many tasks simultaneously
Job Details/Requirements
·         Must be computer savvy and be highly proficient in Google Drive/Gmail, Word, and Excel
·         Mastery of principles and practices of office management and organization
·         Ability to work well either alone or as part of a team
·         Excellent communication skills – written and verbal
·         Hours – full time, 40 hours per week

·         Compensation – modest at outset, with potential to increase through EA’s fundraising capacity
Application Process
·         Please email resume and cover letter to outofpovertyteam@gmail.com