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Business Alliance for Local Living Economies
Oakland, CA
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About the Opportunity:

The BALLE Board of Directors seeks a new Executive Director following news from Michelle Long, BALLE’s founding and two-time Executive Director, about her intended transition during 2017.  The organization is headquartered in Oakland, California where the majority of BALLE’s team also resides.

Positioned to meet this moment, and grounded in a network of the most innovative local leaders, the Executive Director role at BALLE will provide the right person with a once in a lifetime opportunity.

The new Executive Director will be a proven and visionary leader with deep field expertise and demonstrated experience as a high capacity fundraiser. In addition, BALLE’s next leader will have an entrepreneurial track record, being able to sense the emergent needs of the moment and meet them with strategic, innovative and timely services and programs. To qualify for this role, the next E.D. must also operate through the lenses of racial and economic justice and environmental sustainability and be committed to continuous learning and decision-making based on principles.  In addition, the next Executive Director will be committed to the understanding that internal change is a prerequisite to systemic external change and will continue BALLE’s commitment to change the current system by cultivating a shift in the mindset from which the system arises.  At the same time, the next Executive Director is responsible for identifying and effectively illuminating the most successful tools and models for building local living economies that are emerging in the field. Most of all, the right candidate will have the vision and skills needed to guide BALLE into its next era of effectiveness.

The Executive Director reports to the Board of Directors and is responsible for the organization’s consistent achievement of its mission and financial objectives.

Key Responsibilities:
Fundraising and revenue generation to ensure that BALLE has adequate funds to carry out its work
Leadership for setting strategic direction to achieve BALLE’s mission, realize its vision and  actualize these strategies through the creation of programs to meet the moment
Organizational and budgetary goal-setting and evaluation to ensure programmatic and financial excellence
Compelling communication and network builder
Recruitment and development of top quality people and a high performance management team
Building effective partnerships with mission-aligned organizations and leaders in the field
Community and public relations to inspire commitment from constituents and partners
Developing and supporting a strong Board of Directors

Essential skills and experience:
Thorough commitment to BALLE’s mission and vision
Management experience developing and operationalizing strategies that advance organizational mission
Broad fund-raising experience, including with major donors
Operational and financial acumen, including the ability to set and achieve strategic objectives through a managed budget
The ability to develop and manage a high performance team
The ability to engage with a wide range of stakeholders and cultures
Effective public speaking and a high comfort level in the public eye
Experience leading through the lens of equity and a commitment to ongoing learning in confronting racism to strive toward economic justice
Experience leading through the lens of environmental sustainability and a commitment to ongoing learning in how economic systems can work in harmony with natural systems
Working knowledge of the developments and trends in the field of local economic development, especially as it pertains to increasing economic justice, environmental sustainability and local self-reliance in basic needs.
Entrepreneurial, adaptable, and an emergent strategies approach to business planning
Experience with network leadership and collaboration with diverse groups of people
Passion, integrity, mission-driven, self-directed

Application Information:

To apply, please submit a resume and thoughtful cover letter that outlines how your skills and experiences meet the qualifications of the position to balle@schaffercombs.com. In the subject line, please include your FIRST and LAST name, the job title for this position, and the organization name (“Name – BALLE – ED”).

Please do not contact the client directly. Schaffer&Combs has been retained by BALLE to manage this Executive Director search.  Schaffer&Combs solves problems and provides growth solutions for purpose-driven organizations.

Additional Information

BALLE is the foremost North American network for connecting, cultivating, and pioneering healthy, equitable, and resilient local economies. Whether we are convening entrepreneurs, supporting our circles of investors and philanthropists, or bringing together independent businesses and stakeholders to foster greater community well-being, BALLE’s programs support one clear mission: to create healthy local economies that work for all. We envision a global system of human-scale, interconnected local living economies that function in harmony with local ecosystems, meet the basic needs of all people, support just and democratic societies, and foster joyful community life.

“Unlike most non-profit organizations, BALLE is not fixated on projects but on long horizon deep and meaningful change. BALLE is focused on the work of a lifetime, as described by Dr. King, to bring forth a new reality.” ~ Ted Howard, CEO, Democracy Collaborative

“BALLE has become one of the most significant business and investment networks of local leaders who are also people of color. There is no other network like this today with an emphasis on values, local and equity.” ~ Konda Mason, CEO, Impact Hub Oakland

Amid widespread recognition that our nation’s dominant economic system is failing many people and deteriorating our natural environment, the ideas and models created by BALLE’s network of local leaders are rapidly gaining interest. BALLE is uniquely poised to meet this challenge, serving as a backbone to provide critical infrastructure for an emergent new economic system.

Founded sixteen years ago, BALLE is now at a transformative moment. Today, it offers the gold standard of Fellowship programs for community weavers, foundations and investors who are working with entrepreneurs and local business leaders to improve life quality and increase equity and resilience in their communities. BALLE has a richly talented staff, a highly committed and strategic board of directors, an annual budget of $2.3M, a healthy balance sheet, effective earned income programs, and solid partnerships with mission-aligned funders. Most importantly, BALLE has made significant impact and fostered a network of the most brilliant, diverse and complementary local innovators in North America. The stage is set for for a new executive director with the passion, vision, and skills to actualize the opportunity ahead.