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IDEX Accelerator & Global Fellows Program
Deadline for Applications
Where to Apply

The IDEX Fellowship, in its 6th year of operations, is now accepting applications for the July 2016 Fellowship Program that will take place in Bangalore, India from July 4- December 23rd.

We\’re talking a high intensity, hands-on, accelerated fellowship experience working one-on-one with a social enterprise in India. Our six-month accelerator is filled with one-on-one coaching, monthly capacity building workshops, customized curriculum specifically designed for intrapreneurs, networking opportunities… not to mention you\’ll build relationships that will last a lifetime.

IDEX Fellowship (www.idexfellows.com) is a professional fellowship experience designed for aspiring social intrapreneurs- those who seek to innovate from within an existing social enterprise to help address society\’s most pressing problems rather than creating their own enterprise. With more than 250 global alumni, IDEX is creating the next wave of “social intrapreneurs” who will support, lead and advance the work of socially-focused enterprises around the world.

Candidates must possess the minimum qualifications to be eligible for the IDEX Fellowship:
– Bachelor or Masters/Graduate Degree (BS/BA/BBA must be obtained prior to start of program);
– Age limit: 21-35 years old
– Ability to perform in a high pressure environment;
– English fluency (written and spoken);
– Ability to legally work in India for six months (IDEX will provide more information on the business visa application process).
– Minimum of 1-3 years of professional work experience;
– Excellent listening and communication skills (written and verbal).

Our Ideal Candidate
IDEX values diversity and passion. We believe the unique perspectives and experiences of each fellow leads to greater impact in the field.

Candidates are chosen from a diverse yet competitive pool of talented, passionate individuals from a wide range of geographies, professional and academic backgrounds and ethnicities. In the selection process, we are seeking to understand your passion and the value you bring to IDEX and the larger social enterprise sector.

Applicants should have:
– Two professional references;
– Proven track record of leadership responsibilities;
– Demonstrated passion for social enterprise and improving quality of life for low-income communities;
– Ability to work in new and challenging environments with limited resources;
– Willingness to work with low-income populations in developing economies and demonstrated practical skills in relationship building, cultural sensitivity and thrive in a start-up environment;
– High interest in working in emerging markets;
– A passion and desire to work in emerging markets and use social enterprise principles to solve global issues;
– An ability to quickly adapt and work in resource constrained environments;
– Desire to engage in an intense professional development experience while applying; creative solutions to deepen impact;
– Committed to make an equity investment of time, energy and capital in their personal growth and professional development.

Please visit www.idexfellows.com to apply. Application deadline April 15, 2016!

Additional Information

Please visit www.idexfellows.com to apply. Application deadline April 15, 2016!