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Sukhibhava is looking for an exceptional individual to run our period fellowship program. This program is finding and developing period fellows who will be making a dent in the menstrual hygiene ecosystem.

The Issue
In India, an estimate of 23 per cent girls drop out of school as soon as they reach puberty, one of the primary reasons being lack of awareness and access to healthy menstrual practices. This saliently impacts the universal sustainable development goals of gender equality and women empowerment, along with inclusive, quality education. The crucial element that has laid the foundation of this fellowship is that making menstruation a non-issue also influences other factors key to living a dignified life.
About The Period Fellowship
The Period Fellowship will bring together young, dynamic women from diverse backgrounds to create awareness on menstruation and menstrual hygiene among one million girls in urban and rural India, during the course of one year. The fellows will encourage girls to understand the changes their body undergoes and reflect upon their personal practices, while exploring concepts like hygiene, menstrual cycle, PMS and superstitions, through interactive sessions in various educational institutions.
The objective of The Period Fellowship is to engage with the often stigmatised subject of menstruation and initiate conversations, questions and curiosity about periods among adolescent girls. We are looking to build a repository of knowledge on experiences gathered from around the country on menstruation and issues that surround it. Through this teaching-learning experience, our fellows will understand where young girls stand in terms of knowledge on menstruation, simultaneously developing teaching, managerial and leadership skills during the course of the fellowship on a personal level.
The Period Fellowship Model
We believe that any change has to come from within the system, while we play the role of catalysts. Hence, our engagement with girls on menstrual hygiene is two-fold.
During the one-year fellowship, the fellows will initiate conversations around menstrual hygiene in schools, talking to a diverse group of adolescent girls, while also creating awareness among teachers in the educational institutions they engage with. The idea is to bring change by building an understanding of menstruation and issues that surround it. This will be done through dialogue and teaching-learning sessions which will include methodologies to ensure that the process is participatory and interactive.
To ensure long-term self-sustainability of this initiative, the fellows will introduce the peer learning model in each school they engage with. The peer learning model allows for self-sustainability of the project, with limited external intervention. The primary idea is that peer educators and learners share a degree of desire and empathy to help and learn from each other. The fellows and programme coordinators will work on capacity building of the peer learning group during the fellowship, so that the peer learning group can independently take the initiative forward with the incoming batches in future.
We, at Sukhibhava, constantly strive to engage with diverse groups of girls and women to create awareness on the subject of menstruation and bring about sustainable behavioural change. However, we also understand that there is a huge potential in adolescents to be pioneers of change themselves by breaking the taboo and talking about menstruation. The objective of the two-fold engagement with adolescent girls in educational institutions is to initiate and sustain change.
Position Description:
The Period fellows manager’s primary responsibility will be to run The Period Fellowship Program, managing a cohort of 40+ Fellows per year, specifically serving in five critical roles for the Fellows…
+ Select – Supervise a rigorous recruitment process and ultimately select 40+ Fellows
+ Coach – Guide and mentor Fellows along their  journeys
+ Implement – Ensure all the inputs comes together to achieve the expected outputs and potential outcomes
+ Build – A robust community of alumni of the Fellows Programs
The Period Fellows Manager position is a full-time role, based out of Sukhibhava head office in Bangalore. S/he must be eligible to work in India, and must have a long-term commitment to the development of menstrual hygiene ecosystem. S/he will have ownership over all aspects of the Period Fellows Program, and will be supported by the core team to execute towards the program goals. Specific responsibilities will include, but are not limited to:
+ Oversee the development of a recruitment strategy – In conjunction with the TPF(The Period Fellowship) team, support in the design and execution of a recruitment strategy, including outreach to Alumni, peer organizations, social media, and the press and revision of all recruitment materials
+ Build pipeline – Support the cultivating and managing of external recruitment relationships and build candidate pipeline for the program
+ Evaluate candidates – Conduct application reviews, phone interviews, and manage the ‘Selection Conference,’ an annual day-long, in-person group interview event
+ Give feedback – Continuously provide verbal feedback, periodically conduct 1-on-1’s with Fellows, and provide written evaluations over the course of the year
+  Be a connector – Develop a robust and active Fellows community, and connect Fellows to new individuals, networks, or opportunities that contribute to their leadership development and/or their social impact work
Program Implementation
+ Manage program operations – Working closely with the TPF team, supervise the day-to-day operations and logistics of running the program, including monitoring the program budget and executing all seminar/event logistics
+  Enforce program policies – Monitor Fellows closely to ensure they are complying with policies around attendance, participation, code of conduct and enforcing these policies accordingly
+ Sustain current partnerships – Serve as the primary point of contact for local partners for the fellowship , including adhering to reporting requirements
+  Lead project coordinators – manage and lead a team of project coordinators who will be working with the fellows in different regions
+  Be results oriented – follow up on targets to be achieved at regular intervals and work on backup plans with the TPF team if necessary
+  Support the strategy decisions – work closely with Sukhibhava core team in make future growth and strategy decisions
Candidates interested in The Period Fellowship Program Manager position should have a deep commitment to Sukhibhava’s mission of making menstruation a non-issue in communities experiencing poverty and a passion for leadership development.
Your background looks something like this:
+    At least 2 years’ work experience in a related field (preferably in education, training, fellowships and/or leadership development)
+    A bachelor’s degree is required: preferred fields include education, psychology, leadership, etc.
+     Significant experience in group facilitation/training or classroom teaching
+   Prior work experience in a fast-paced environment, ability to work efficiently against tight deadlines
+      Familiarity and exposure to the field of social enterprise and poverty alleviation preferred
+      Strong verbal & written communications skills, and comfort representing the The Period Fellowship Program externally
Additional qualifications include:
+   Excellent interpersonal skills, strong emotional intelligence, and ability to communicate effectively
+      Ability to give constructive feedback effectively, and willingness to have difficult, courageous conversations in the service of helping others grow and reach the next level
+      Self-awareness, strong listening skills, and empathy
+      Grit, resilience,  and the ability to persevere amidst challenges and ambiguity
+     Ability to contribute to high-level, strategic discussions around curriculum and program operations
+      Exceptional organizational skills and ability to achieve targets independently and under pressure
+      Alignment with  Sukhibhava’s core values: Respect, empathy, ownership, communication, scale with impact, breaking stereotypes, innovation & trust
Compensation is competitive and commensurate with experience.
Sukhibhava head office Office – Bangalore, india

To apply:
You will be asked to submit the following via email:
1.       An updated resume/CV
2.       Your responses to 2 short-answer questions (200 words each)
a.      Where does your passion for social change work come from?
b.      What do you hope The Period Fellowship will change in your lifetime and what role does leadership play in that vision?
Please email the above to: info@sukhibhava.org.in/dilip@sukhibhava.org.in
Candidates are encouraged to apply early, as applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis; deadline to apply is 30th April , 2018