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Quezaltenango, Guatemala
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Alterna’s Fellowship Program is a trampoline for professionals who want to be on the frontline of the emerging fourth sector—social entrepreneurship. Our Fellowship Program is designed to bring top talent from the most innovative firms, universities and organizations worldwide to get hands-on experience working with local entrepreneurs who lack access to high-quality business services and with Alterna\’s leadership to maximize our impact and sustainability. Utilizing a methodology built from five years of launching our own social businesses and working directly with entrepreneurs in the community, our Fellows have successfully helped launch and scale over 500 social businesses and have worked with almost 600 entrepreneurs in Guatemala.

As Central America’s first Center for Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Alterna aims to catalyze transformative entrepreneurship from the ground up, and we envision a world in which the opportunity to ignite positive change exists in every context. Our talent is the key to achieving our mission, and we’re currently recruiting fellows on an ongoing basis to take on new projects in different phases of development.


Alterna is looking for an experienced professional to support Alterna\’s leadership in the devel-opment of the Fellowship program, with the goal of making it the most attractive and selec-tive Social Entrepreneurship Fellowship Program in Latin America. This fellow will contribute directly to the process of identifying new pipelines of fellows through strategic partnerships and promotion tactics, managing the full recruiting process, maximizing the quality of the Fellows\’ experience during their time at Alterna, and implementing a post-fellowship cultiva-tion strategy that engages potential, current and previous fellows. Through developing and guiding the organization’s recruitment and retention action plan, this person will form a cru-cial part of Alterna’s operations team and growth strategy.

Specifically, you will:
•       Build and scale a full-service Fellowship program to staff and support Alterna’s operations
•       Analyze current and future needs of Fellow profiles with Alterna\’s leadership team
•       Refine the value proposition for Fellows designing a rich and valuable experience on both a professional and personal level
•       Identify, attract and retain new and ongoing relationships and partnerships to source Al-terna with highly qualified fellows, and interns
•       Build and implement a development strategy to secure funding for 5-7 fellows year-round
•       Lead the process of recruiting, interviewing and on-boarding new fellows
•       Refine and implement a post-fellowship engagement strategy alongside the Communica-tions Manager and development team


•       2-4+ years of work experience in Human Resources, Development, Project Management or Operations
•       12 months of availability (minimum)
•       Ability to relocate to Guatemala
•       A strong working proficiency in English and Spanish
•       Impeccable project management skills
•       Excited about the growing sector of social entrepreneurship


•       Passionate about organizational sustainability
•       A leader who takes initiatives to solve problems with minimum resources
•       A people person, who loves to connect with others
•       Proactive and innovative
•       Resourceful and an independent worker, with self-directed guidelines
•       Where others see boundaries, you see opportunities
•       Sense of humor, unquenchable curiosity and contagious energy


Please note that the first six months of all Fellowship opportunities with Alterna are self-funded by the Fellow. Fellows serve as our entrepreneurs\’ first impact investors, and our fellows’ investment of their talent and experience ensures that our clients receive the highest quality services, which often makes the difference for their success.

In return, Fellows live out a highly valuable experience:
•       Gaining on the ground exposure to innovative approaches, ideas and best practices in the areas of Impact Investing and Social Entrepreneurship, including key contextual in-sights on what the entrepreneurial process consists of in Central America
•       Acquiring critical skills in human resources management, partnerships, organizational de-velopment, and more
•       Working with a team of young and passionate people from all over the world
•       Being immersed in the Guatemalan culture

After the first six months, we can consider the possibility of offering a remuneration, depending on our financial resources and on your performance. Also note that Alterna consistently looks to the top talent in our fellow pool as our primary source when hiring long-term full-time staff members.


To apply, please fill out the Fellows Application Form from our website (http://alternaimpact.org/fellows/) and send it with your CV to alternahr@alterna-la.org, with your name and the post you are applying for included in the subject of the email. We look forward to receiving your application!