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Dimagi is an award-winning, socially conscious technology company that helps organisations deliver quality health care to urban and rural communities in over 40 countries around the world. Our team of exceptional software developers, engineers, public health experts and field staff apply their experience in global health care delivery and technology development to further personal and public health and well-being.

As a Field Manager, you will be based out of Delhi and travel extensively in India to deploy CommCare, a mobile phone application for frontline workforces. We have an impressive range of partner organizations across 15 states in India working in the domains of health, agriculture, education, and more. As a Field Manager you will travel to field sites to work with them and their frontline workers. Your work will include conducting interactive trainings, designing and configuring mobile phone applications, managing projects, and providing support for systems using CommCare, Dimagi’s flagship mHealth platform. You will join our global team of Field Managers and share lessons learned and expertise from around the world. You will receive regular mentorship and support from our office in New Delhi. Within your first two years, you will also have at least one opportunity to travel internationally, either to a different country office or for international project work.

Skills & Requirements

•       At least 1 – 4 years of work experience
•       Degree – or equivalent work experience – in computer science, engineering, information technology, or related
•       Fluency in English and Hindi
•       Outstanding oral and written communication skills
•       Reliable, self-directed, and resourceful
•       Able to juggle many things at once
•       Flexible and able to wear many hats / take on multiple roles
•       Interested and able to work in a multi-cultural, distributed, and international team setting


•       1 – 2 years work experience writing software
•       1 – 2 years of project management experience
•       Experience working in the community health sector
•       Experience working in India
•       Fluency in other Indian languages
•       Desire to make a social impact

Is this the right position for me?
Our Field Manager program is designed for adventurous, driven people that are seeking field experience. They’re former lawyers, public health experts, project managers, software engineers, consultants, researchers, and students. While we require a 24-month commitment for this position, employment at Dimagi is open ended. This makes it a great position for someone seeking either a few gap years before medical school or for someone who is looking to build a career in international development.

All first-year Field Managers receive a salary that covers their living expenses for the year, including food, housing, travel, and leisure activities, encouraging a ‘frugal but comfortable’ lifestyle. All project travel is also reimbursed. Field Managers will receive a significant salary increase in their second year, as well as have the option to take on increased responsibility in their long-term careers. Dimagi is very flexible in terms of growth and career progression, and is often able to accommodate people’s interests in defining their current and future roles.

Other Job Perks

•        Do you like travel?  You will get significant travel experiences within the country you will be working from, often to very off the beaten path locations (where the real work happens).  You will also get unique opportunities to travel internationally within your first two years, either to a different country for project travel, to a different country office, or both.
•       Onboarding in Boston, Cape Town, Dakar or Delhi, depending where you will be based.  This includes one week of classroom sessions, followed by shadowing on existing projects, location depending on project availability.
•       Team Summits.  The entire team in your region or country will get together at least annually to meet each other, discuss goals, debate strategy, and have some fun. Read about two field managers’ takes on summits in Cape Town and Dakar.
•       If you are asked to move to a country that isn’t where you are from, you are eligible for one roundtrip flight home per year, paid for by Dimagi.
•       ‘Personal Initiative Days’.  This is blocked off time, outside of work responsibilities, to come up with tangible outputs of impactful ideas that align with your job.
•       Each year, you will get 30 days paid time off to use to relax, travel, or visit home
•       Flexibility to explore new areas of interest (research, project management, data analysis, business development, etc.) while still growing a career