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Send a cover letter and resume with Subject Title “I-DEV Iquitos Field Program Officer” to:

POSITION: Field Program Officer

DATES: Starting as soon as available – November 30th 2016 (18 months)

LOCATION: Iquitos, Peru

About I-DEV International:

I-DEV International ( is a global management strategy and financial advisory firm with offices in San Francisco (Global Headquarters), Peru (Latin America Regional Headquarters) and Kenya (Africa Regional Headquarters). Via its Insight Consulting and Investment Services Groups, I-DEV helps to build and finance competitive, viable businesses and industries in emerging markets worldwide through a large network of impact investment funds, global corporations, social enterprises and local SMEs, and leading foundations and development organizations.

Project Background:

I-DEV International and the Bernard Van Leer Foundation has launched an exciting 18 month long project in Iquitos, in the Amazon region of Peru, with the aim of developing an ecosystem of commercially viable and competitive micro-businesses in the community of Belén. While the wider Iquitos area has become the second most popular tourist destination in Peru, the Belén district has seen little economic growth with most residents still living in extreme poverty and without access to basic services. The project will aim to create linkages with existing industries and identify market opportunities for developing an entrepreneurial ecosystem of businesses, with the ultimate goal of improving livelihoods in the area. Successful candidates for this position will have prior experience in field-based community development, working with local NGOs, government, in addition to the private sector in Latin America.

The Position:

I-DEV is looking for a full-time Field Program Officer to be based in Iquitos to closely manage the day to day operations of the project as the in-field I-DEV team member. The Field Program Officer will be responsible for coordinating and developing a network of local partners and businesses, providing on-going guidance to project participants in Iquitos, as well as helping to design and implement a business ecosystem-building center or program for local SMEs. The FPO will be supported by the I-DEV team in Lima, with members of the team travelling regularly up to Iquitos to support the roll out and implementation of the project.

The Field Program Officer will have responsibilities relating to the project’s strategy, operations and administration as follows:

1) Project Strategy

  • Planning/structuring of regular team meetings to discuss program strategy and execution.
  • Work with project manager to collect and document lessons learnt throughout duration of project.
  • Work with project team (remotely in Lima) to define a successful sustainability strategy for promoting entrepreneurship and market linkages in the region.

2) Operations Coordination

  • Serve as main point of contact in Iquitos for I-DEV’s team and project counterparts.
  • Manage relations with the municipality, local NGOs, local industries and businesses, potential funders, microfinance institutions, community organizations, etc.
  • Coordinate local partners through regular meetings, e-mail follow-ups and phone calls.
  • Take active role in the design and delivery of the entrepreneurship support program, including providing business advice, defining training contents, identifying key capacity building partners in the area and supporting the organization and facilitation of workshops and events.
  • Help to establish and set up a potential Entrepreneurship Center in Belén.
  • Work closely with local partners to create appropriate community outreach and communication strategies and identify and enroll participants in the Entrepreneurship training program.

3) Administration

  • Assist project manager in the drafting of project reports, documents and other deliverables.
  • Monitor budgets and keep records of monthly expenses.
  • Take on other administrative tasks as assigned such as updating contacts database, taking meeting minutes, assisting with travel logistics, etc.

The position is for a fixed term of 13 months, with the possibility to be considered for a full time position with I-DEV’s regional office at the end of the assignment.

Required Qualifications:

Successful candidates for the position will have the following qualifications and experience:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Business, Economics, Finance, Public Policy, International Relations, or Agricultural Engineering/ Similar
  • 2-3 years of prior working experience in the development sector and/or the social business sector, including field-based experience with community development in a developing country context
  • Enthusiastic, self-starter, with a passion for development and working with under-served communities
  • Advanced planning, assessment and analytical skills
  • Desire to work with impoverished communities and ability to adapt to difficult living conditions
  • Fluency in Spanish is required, with at least a professional level in English desirable
  • Prior experience in Latin America or Peru

The interview process will test strong candidates on past experience, problem solving, ability to think strategically and innovatively, basic business skills, language, and general fit.

Compensation and Benefits

I-DEV will offer a competitive, entry-level salary based on the position-holder’s experience and cost of living in Iquitos, plus a performance-based bonus of up to 25% of annual base salary, and 5% commission on any net revenue brought into I-DEV.

In addition, I-DEV will also provide the following in-kind benefits:

  • Full international health and property insurance
  • Furnished and comfortable housing in a central location in Iquitos including internet, mobile phone and utilities
  • 1 flight to Lima per month

Additionally, I-DEV will cover all work-related expenses, including visa expenses, and travel and accommodation for work-related trips.