Finance Director

Where to Apply
Molly Burke

At Yabo, we’re creating affordable and creative financing to reach rural farmers in East Africa. By providing asset financing to our customers we’re enabling farmers to unlock their own potential—using the products they see best fit to improve their lives.
Our customers are the 26 million rural farmers in Uganda. They are resourceful, creative, and determined to go great places, but they are financially excluded. That’s where Yabo comes in. We provide them the products they need and the ability to pay us back over time.
We have an ambitious goal of alleviating poverty in the communities where are our customers live. We’re obsessed with reaching that goal, doing whatever it takes to come up with the best solution. As a startup social enterprise our culture involves constant testing and iterations—always analyzing and adapting to become more efficient and fill the market gap.
To date, we’ve disbursed over 1,600 asset financing loans throughout Uganda. By the end of 2016 we’ll reach over 5,000 loans, ultimately paving the path to hit 100,000 by 2020.
Yabo is looking for a numbers savvy, data driven maverick to join our management team in Gulu, Uganda. As our first Finance Director you will be blazing trails as you build our finance department from scratch. You will manage our lease portfolio of 1,000-2,000 current loans. You will create systems throughout our company, streamlining processes to enhance efficiency to reach maximum impact. You will work with other management to craft the strategic direction for the company, ensuring that numbers and data are at the forefront of decision making.
By taking the lead on building our finance department, you will be the catalyst in sophisticating our social enterprise and developing it for regional scale and impact.
You are a humble self-starter who loves analyzing financial systems to produce stronger results and is looking for an opportunity to change the lives of millions of farmers in Africa.
Meaningful work gives you the opportunity to fulfill a Legacy, gain greater Mastery, and achieve Freedom.
The Outcomes from Your Work in this Role
•       You will build the financial systems and processes to get us ready for replication and scaling. Your work in this arena will enable Yabo to reach unchartered territory.
•       You will apply your skills and energy to strengthen our decision-making process.
•       Your will work firsthand to impact thousands, and eventually millions, of rural smallholders farmers—breaking down economic barriers to reach the financially excluded.
How This Role Will Help You Develop as a Professional
•       You will use your skills and energy to find and nurture talent to grow your new department.
•       You will dive deep into what it means to provide creative and approachable financing for the Base of the Pyramid (BoP).
The Tangible and Intangible Perks and Benefits of This Role
•       You will have the opportunity to design and implement innovative and scalable ideas.
•       You will have the ability to work in a hammock underneath a mango tree in your office yard.  And enjoy half days on Friday, every Friday.
•       You will work for a company that invests in your vision. We provide professional development stipend. And of course, health insurance.
Finance: Planning, Modeling, and Reporting
•       Developing a strategic direction for the organization (along with the senior leadership team)
•       Compiling financial information into statements and reports for management and investors
•       Building financial models to both analyze data and have it integrated within other departments
Operations & Systems
•       Managing accounting, treasury, tax, and HR
•       Ensuring financial systems flow throughout the company, including designing and implementing the appropriate processes when necessary
Risk Management
•       Understanding the risks to which the business is subject and mitigating for these risks
•       Managing Yabo’s lease portfolio
•       Strategizing about new product lines to test out
•       Savvy with numbers
−       You have at least 3-5 years of experience in finance.
−       You are comfortable in building and analyzing financial models.
−       You have a strong grasp of accounting theory and practice.
•       Obsessed with data
−       You use numbers to inform decisions.
−       You love Excel.
−       You want to create a data-driven culture so that everyone becomes obsessed, too.
•       A Fluent Systems Designer
−       You think in systems and can build them from scratch.
−       You are able to identify gaps and put in place the process to fill them.
•       Passion-driven Doer
−       You fully embrace Yabo’s mission to reach the financially excluded.
−       You love fast paced environments. You catch a ball while it’s falling.
•       An Ever-expanding Learner
−       You are humble and ready to dive deep into new knowledge and resources to help yourself and your company continuously improve.
−       You are flexible and able to work on diverse teams.