Financial & Business Manager

Bicycles Against Poverty
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Location: Gulu, Uganda

About the position:

BAP is excited to be part of East Africa’s rapidly growing innovation space—we see limitless potential in the region and want a team member who has the same vision. We’re looking for a finance and business savvy individual to add strength to our management team.

By September BAP will have over 1,000 active bicycle loans and will be adding new products to our line—we want the right person to oversee and manage the financial operations to ensure we stay on track with our growth.

This position is well-suited for anyone who has a previous track-record in loan management and loves the start-up environment.  

Roles and responsibilities:

The Finance and Business Manager’s responsibilities are focused on five distinct areas: 1) Planning, 2) Operations, 3) Financial Information & Modeling , 4) Risk Management, and 5) Financing.

1) Planning:

Develop a strategic direction for the organization (along with the senior leadership team)

Build, continually update and refine complex financial projections and other tools to aid internal decision making and external fundraising

2) Operations

·         Manage accounting, treasury, tax, HR

·         Ensure financial systems flow throughout the company, including designing and implementing the appropriate processes and systems when necessary

·         Identify and help implement technological improvements for loan and client management

3) Financial Information & Modeling

Compile financial information into financial statements / report these statements to management

Strategize, build and implement the appropriate financial models to both analyze data and have it integrate within other departments  

4) Risk Management

Understand the risks to which the business is subject, and mitigating these risks

Manage BAP’s lease portfolio, which by September will have over 1,000 active leases

5) Financing

Monitor cash balances and arrange to meet future cash requirements

Requirements & Qualifications:

Bicycles Against Poverty (BAP) is a young, growing company. As a result, we are looking for a flexible, dynamic, and hard-working individual who embraces changing environments.

Qualifications needed to work at BAP:

Fast-paced and ability to multi-task

Flexible and able to work on diverse teams

Strong interest in using business solutions to solve pressing social issues

Willing and eager to work non-traditional business hours to ensure tasks are completed

Previous work experience in Sub-Saharan Africa

Qualifications for role:

·         At least two years of demonstrated financial experience, including loan management

o    Preference given to those with experience at an MFI and/or lease management

·         Proficient in technology platforms in order to help BAP implement new program(s) for loan management and/or mobile phone systems

·         Strong grasp of accounting theory and practice

·         Systems-oriented

·         Proactive and demonstrated leadership experience

·         Strong communicator

·         Passionate about instituting a data-driven culture

·         Strong technical and computer skills, including with at least one financial management software

Compensation: Salary range in line with other growing social enterprises in the region. Other benefits include insurance, professional development stipends, and possibility for equity. 

About BAP:

Bicycles Against Poverty (BAP) is a social enterprise that distributes lease-to-own bicycles in rural Uganda. Bicycles in East Africa connect farmers to markets and other basic life needs, including clean water, schools, and healthcare. Such access leads to a 35% increase in income.

We’re currently broadening our focus to other asset-financing products for rural African communities. We believe strongly in the potential of rural communities and are committed to delivering the products they need in a form that’s affordable to them.

To date we’ve sold over 1,300 bicycles and are in the process of distributing another 700 bicycles, bringing our total number in 2015 to over 1,000. Simultaneously, in the coming months, we’ll be piloting other asset-financing products to introduce to our customers.