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Kampala Uganda
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Release date    :  01 April 2017
Title position     :  Finance manager
Closing date     :  30th May 2017
Contact             :  Human Resources
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SolarNow is hiring a Financial Manager, a seasoned professional to lead our finance team, manage our accounts and reporting, implement our financial strategy manage external relations relating to finance.

About the market.

More than 500 million people across sub-Saharan Africa lack access to electricity and
the International Energy Agency expects that number to increase to 700 million by
2030. Since extending the grid to them would cost trillions of dollars, micro-scale, off-
grid power from solar is often the only viable answer to energy poverty.
In countries like Uganda, where only 15% of the population has an on-grid connection,
there’s undeniable potential for solar to leapfrog traditional energy provision models;
however, affordability, perceptions of low quality, and the absence of last-mile
distribution and maintenance networks are curtailing development.

About the company.

These are the very problems that East African company, SolarNow, was founded to
solve. It sells high-quality solar systems to fit the needs of rural households and small
entrepreneurs — from 50Wp home set-ups capable of powering a radio, phone and
small number of lights to 10KWp systems that can power a small office or machine – plus
a range of consumer electronics, including LED lights, televisions, fridges, flat irons and
water pumps.

Crucially, SolarNow also provides credit and service that allows customers to spread
payments over 24 months and receive service for 5 years. The company has an
extensive network of 45 branches in Uganda, is currently expanding operations to
Western Kenya, and considering further expansion for the future. SolarNow has all the
pieces in place to take optimal advantage of this unique market opportunity.

About you.

You are someone who cares deeply about improving livelihoods in Africa. You bring
more than passion to the role: you have the grit and resilience to do this work. You have deep financial and management expertise, and are excited about being hands-on,
without getting lost in the weeds.

You are a problem-solver, a direct and candid communicator, and a thoughtful change
agent who understands that there are tensions to balance in this kind of diverse

You are a natural manager able to guide our finance strategy and management while
working in a complex, constantly changing and resource-constrained environment. You
are eager for the challenge of shaping the future of this organization. You have the skills to provide clear, consistent financial leadership for a fast growing social enterprise, and the
nimbleness to respond to continual innovation and increased demands for performance.
You inspire excellence with your team, building a sense of shared values and goals.

About the position.

Position title: Financial Manager
Reports to: CFO
Location: Kampala, Uganda
Suggested start date: April/May 2017
The Financial Manager will be responsible for implementing SolarNow’s finance
strategy, policies and processes. S/he will lead the finance team, support fundraising,
conduct financial analysis, manage external relations and provide accurate, timely
financial reports to all stakeholders. The Financial Manager manage the company
budget and ensure that our financial risk management policy is upheld. S/he will be
a key player in driving growth for SolarNow.

Specific Responsibilities.

Develop financial and tax strategies
Maintain the 5-year business plan and annual budget
Develop performance measures that support the company\’s strategic direction
Maintain in-depth relations with all members of the management team
Manage and motivate the Finance team
Oversee the financial operations of subsidiary companies and foreign operations
Oversee the company\’s transaction processing systems
Implement operational best practices
Financial Reporting:
Produce timely and accurate financial reports
Oversee the issuance of financial information
Report financial results to the executive management team and the supervisory
Treasury Management:
Monitor cash balances and cash forecasts
Support debt and equity financing
Partnerships & External Relationships:
Participate in conference calls with the investment community
Maintain relationships with local and international lenders
Represent the company with investment advisers and investors

Qualifications and competencies.

Bachelor degree specializing in Finance or Accounting
At least 6+ years of progressively responsible financial experience for a fast
growing consumer retail or financial institution, preferably in East Africa
Strong leadership and management skills.
Proven financial and treasury management skills
Excellent interpersonal skills with the ability to work well in a team
Demonstrable experience in leading organizations to profitability
High command in operating and implementing functionality for enterprise-level accounting systems
High level of oral and written communication skills
Fluency in English

Compensation and benefits.

Salary and benefits are competitive, commensurate with experience.