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Flying Bridges
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Organization: Social Enterprise: LLC
Job Description: General Manager
Take Charge of Profitable Business Growth; Give Yourself Work/Life Balance; Create Career Opportunities for Girls & Women.

Compensation is initially tied to profit sharing with executive level compensation and benefits to follow.

Would you like to determine your own salary? Do you want to step in and use your ingenuity, talent, and business know-how to scale a proven program? Do you want to lead, build, and grow your own team, be a social entrepreneur who impacts the lives of girls and women in the United States and globally, and join a female led company that believes social impact is best sustained using a for-profit business model?

We’re looking for a General Manager to grow Talent Touchpoint – a female workforce pipeline program and tech tool; designed for near and long term sourcing of a diverse and inclusive set of employees, particularly in STEM fields and male dominated industries. We encourage work life/balance by providing a remote, independent, and supportive working environment.

•       GM is empowered to create a profit making organizational division without the initial start up costs or program development expertise.

•       GM can leverage existing partnerships and build experience and relationships with international organizations, persons, and cultures.

•       GM is part of the solution in improving the livelihood of women and girls.
To Apply
You’re taking the time to apply and we are excited; we will confirm receipt within 24 hours and get back to you within 7 business days. Please send your CV along with a professional mission statement to Veronica Perry,

Additional Information

Flying Bridges’ mission is to give companies, investors, and communities platforms for shared success and enduring benefit. To encourage and impact social issues using business models, we have consulted, created, and executed programs, practices, and policies for global leaders, global companies, US and international governments, large institutions, and grassroots organizations.

• We have global connections – across sectors and markets – including China, Europe, Africa, and the US.

• We think outside of the box, believe in the power of simplicity, and are pragmatic optimists.

• We’re experiencing growth and entering the tech platform space.

The Location
Flying Bridges is located in Santa Monica, CA. with current projects involving cross-sector organizations in Europe, Africa, and the United States.

Why Should You Apply?
• Excellent growth opportunities.
• You really want to be an entrepreneur and/or visionary business leader.
• Financially, professionally, and personally reward yourself for the value you bring.
• You want to use your laser focused business skills and strategic thinking toward something meaningful.

Founder Testimony
“We work and learn alongside top tier talent, constantly improving and adapting while remaining steadfast to our principle that clients, communities, and individuals deserve high quality, meaningful and sustainable actions that make the world better. “ -Kimberly Adams