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Company Overview: Amal Academy ( is an education startup launched by a team of Acumen and Stanford MBA / MA alum. Our vision is an education system in Pakistan that creates life-long learners, self-starters and problem solvers. To achieve this, our approach is to create a model platform – through blended learning fellowships and teacher training – that is adopted by the private sector and eventually the government.

Values: We believe in building a team that believes in building a brighter Pakistan.  A team that believes that youth are the critical foundation for achieving that future and that learning and economic opportunities will empower the youth to achieve their potential.  A team that is part optimist and part activist: who finds reasons why things can work (rather than excuses why they won’t) and who tirelessly explores every possible opportunity (often failing along the way) until achieving success.

Position Overview: Amal Academy is at a very exciting stage as a start-up venture in the process of expansion. Because of this we are constantly looking for quality team members to help us realize our vision for Pakistan.  Although the impact has been significant since the start of the Career-prep Fellowships; the demand is overwhelming (i.e, we’ve received over 4,100 applications but have only been able to accept about 255 fellows). Therefore, we are exploring ways to scale, and the GLOBAL ACADEMIC FELLOW is a crucial piece of the growth strategy.

Responsibilities: As in any start-up, this role will continue to evolve with time. However, the main responsibilities are centered on curriculum development; culture and self organizing learning environments; assessment and evaluation; organizational strategy.

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Compensation: Compensation will be aligned with the candidates’ experience and qualifications and will be benchmarked against other global fellowships.

Applying: If interested, please send your resume to Please also include a short summary of why you’re interested in Amal Academy (feel free to send a cover letter expressing why you’re interested, although it’s not required).