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Job Description: VOTO provides an innovative and complete service for organizations launching “Mobile for Development” (M4D) projects around the world. We have technology and expertise to enable citizens’ voices to be heard through mobile polling, M&E and research surveys, and bring services to citizens through mobile education programs and information hotlines. These projects range from Ebola prevention in Ghana, to farmer education in Tanzania, to citizen participation in Afghanistan.

About the job:

In short you’ll manage our technical customer support team and deal with all inbound client questions and problems. You will hire and train staff to meet the rising demands and oversee those staff based in Ghana and Asia. Your main outcomes and tasks (in order of priority) are:

1.      Solve client problems: Resolve issues reported by clients

a.      Ensure support team can troubleshoot and resolve issues on a day-to-day basis

b.      Resolve challenging issues escalated to you from support team

2.      Lead the support team: Ensure support team has the skills and knowledge to tackle the tough issues they face

a.      Dynamically train staff and provide the necessary reference and training materials

3.      Make clients happy: Ensure clients have a positive experience with, and impression of, VOTO as a competent, positive, professional and helpful organization

a.      Ensure communication frequency; coach staff on delivering excellence in customer service

4.      Get efficient: Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of support to provide higher quality problem resolutions with less and less staff time

a.      Automate, create tools and recipes wherever possible

b.      Maintain documentation that guides staff to respond to issues and conduct tasks

5.      Reduce support burden: Work with Operations and Technical teams to address root causes of support issues

a.      Identify major causes of support issues and report back to teams that can control them (e.g., software bugs, unclear how-to guides, unreliable integrations with 3rd parties)

b.      Jointly problem solve with other teams to reduce influx of support issues

6.      Evolve as needed: Be flexible to an evolving job that changes based on client needs.

a.      Possible ideas include moving to a formal 24/7 structure, growing client self-serve tools, improving ticket management, introducing new support channels such as chat and more

b.      For senior candidates with the right experience, you could also take over all vendor management including any downstream telecommunications providers


At the core, this role requires excellent technical skills to understand and manipulate IT systems and to troubleshoot and resolve technical problems as well as excellent people skills to understand the problem as the client sees it and effectively communicate solutions.

●       Experience managing a technical support team

●       Background with multiple software products and/or telecommunications systems (e.g., SQL databases, Ubuntu servers, client facing web applications, SMS aggregators, VoIP providers)

●       Experience managing remote staff based in other locations

●       Client service experience, especially with clients who come only when they have a problem

●       At least an undergraduate degree and preferably more than 5 years of professional experience [or learned fast in fewer years ]


●       Problem solving and troubleshooting: Able to systematically diagnose and resolve technical problems.

●       Technical skills: Background in software development and/or system administration is ideal. Knowledge of SQL and SSH would be helpful.

●       People management and training: Develop good relationships with staff and help them perform well, including day-to-day performance management and long term training and staff growth.

●       Attention to detail and highly reliable: Always able to have a team deliver on tight timelines without anything falling through the cracks.

●       Client communication: Ensure you always communicate effectively and positively with clients and impart this knowledge and practice to other staff.

●       Entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to learning! As a young company, VOTO is continually adapting to be perform better based on our learning and the evolving needs of our clients. We want someone who is excited about shaping this future with us and working in a dynamic role. You will often interface with every other team in VOTO and will be at the forefront of helping us be a world class service organization.


●       The role can theoretically be done from anywhere but the core team will be based in Accra/Kumasi, Ghana and India (probably Mumbai) and it may be easiest to perform well if you are also based in one of these locations.

Apply with CV and very short cover letter that lets us understand why you’d be interested in working with us (and questions if you have any) to

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