Global Innovation Fellow

Amal Academy
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If interested,please sendyour resumeto Pleasealsoinclude a short summary of why you’reinterested inAmal Academy (feel free tosend a coverletter aswell, although it’s notrequired).For more information on the job, please visit:

The Innovation Fellow will be essential in helping explore and experiment with scale. Although this role will encompass a palette of responsibilities, it will broadly focus on exploring questions in the following areas:

Teacher training

– How can we leverage existing teacher training curriculum to help scale?

– What type of technology is available to overcome many of the challenges we’re facing (or will face) in order to scale?

– What should be the mix between ed tech and physical teaching in the classroom?


– What type of tools (e.g., learning management systems) are available that will allow us to systematize the Career Prep Fellowship program?

– What types of procedures and policies can be institutionalized to standardize and grow the CareerPrep Fellowship?

– What are the international best practices used in leading education institutions throughout the world to scale educational systems?


– What type of business model is most practical and sustainable for growing the Career-Prep program?

– Should we be charging Career-Prep Fellows a nominal fee, or are there other (more sustainable) pricing strategies to experiment with?

– What are business models that have worked in other geographies which might be replicated or customized in Pakistan?


– What type of partnerships can we establish with international training partners in order to introduce reputable and unique training programs to the corporate sector in Pakistan?

– How can we access international business people with relevant experience to facilitate trainings with Amal Academy in Pakistan? Business development

– What type of partnerships should we be developing in order to scale Amal Academy?

– How can we deepen our existing corporate relationships and stakeholder partnerships?