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As I-DEV continues to grow globally, we are seeking a highly experienced Global Office Manager to help us design, develop and execute processes, strategies and approaches for managing all of our administrative, HR, and tax requirements.  The ideal candidate will be an office and administrative process “ninja/guru” with significant previous experience managing office administration (ideally for an international organization), developing and executing office and company-wide processes, and be very organized and proactive (“Type A”).  The Global Office Manager will be in charge of managing the local Office Managers in Kenya and Peru and will work closely with I-DEV’s senior management on process development, financial, budgetary, and organization-wide performance reports and reviews.

I-DEV does not anticipate that the position warrants someone in a full time capacity, but rather either ~2 days a week or ~1 week a month.  However, I-DEV may be able to connect the successful candidates with other likeminded firms.

Key responsibilities will include:

•       Management and oversight of all administrative, HR, and operational processes across I-DEV globally, including managing local Office Managers in I-DEV’s Peru and Kenya offices
•       Initial ~6 months will focus significantly on designing, developing and implementing organization-wide processes, including working closely with I-DEV Senior Management to establish best practices in corporate administration, tax/legal and human resources processes, and corporate management and administrative technology
•       On-going monthly responsibilities will include managing corporate budgets and funds allocations across offices, payroll processing, tax and accounting management (using Quickbooks or other similar program), corporate performance reporting to Senior Management (e.g. Running Harvest, our time tracker and related project management reports), ensuring tax, HR and other administrative compliance across all offices, etc.
•       Support training and onboarding of new employees by playing key logistics roles in recruiting, interviewing, orienting, and training employees- as well as managing on-boarding process
•       Conduct monthly accounting and bookkeeping, manage billing processing, and maintain annual budgets and financial reports in conjunction with I-DEV Senior Partners and Managing Director

Additional Information


Successful candidates will demonstrate:

• Significant previous experience managing corporate administration, accounting and human resource processes for a growing and dynamic company (ideally international)
• Bachelor degree and accounting accreditation preferred but not required
• Previous relevant experience in applied accounting and bookkeeping for a private for-profit company (international experience in emerging markets, a plus)
• Impeccable organizational and time management skills
• Proactive with strong communications skills; must be comfortable working closely with I-DEV senior staff to prioritize office management functions and activities requiring their timely attention
• An interest to grow with I-DEV as it expands its US, Africa and Latin America operations, including taking on new responsibilities, learning international accounting/HR/government filing procedures, and supporting a growing and diverse staff
• Ability to work and deliver high quality performance in an unstructured and partially virtual work environment
• Fluency in Spanish is a plus (but not a requirement)


Please specify salary requirements in your cover letter. The position will begin part-time and salary will be set as such. The firm would also be able to cover partial health insurance (on a pro-rata basis).


Send a cover letter and resume with Subject Title “Global Office Manager” to specifying your interest in the role and why you believe you are uniquely qualified. Cover letter should also include your most recent compensation information (annual compensation from last or current job), and an explanation of why you are applying for this position.

The rolling application process begins effective immediately.