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Review this candidate guide ( and then fill in the application form. The selection process consists of case studies, personality tests, interviews, and reference checks. It will be carried out in collaboration with edge, our HR partner based in Nairobi. All communication regarding this role will come from accounts in the domains or Note that based on the number of applications, only shortlisted candidates may be contacted
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At Segal Family Foundation (SFF), we believe in a world where development is steered by grassroots leaders and power is shifted into the hands of communities. We work across Sub-Saharan Africa and strive to be true partners to our grantees. We support 300+ incredible organizations that are finding local and scalable solutions to Sub-Saharan Africa’s most pressing challenges. We offer our grantee partners both financial and organizational development support. Our vibrant team of 19 passionate changemakers is spread across the globe. We move fast and adapt quickly as we find new and exciting ways to push our mission forward. We’ve got a lot of ambition, and we are building a team that will continue to help us punch above our weight.

About the role
SFF’s Operations team provides the back-office assistance necessary to ensure our Programs and Partnerships teams can focus on effectively finding, supporting, and promoting our expanding portfolio of grantee partners. The volume of our grantmaking and scope of our operations has been growing steadily year-on-year: in 2021, we disbursed $17M in 500+ grants to 300+ organizations, and we plan to exceed those figures in 2022 and the years to come.
We are looking for a dynamic and detail-oriented leader to join our Operations team. Reporting to the Director of Operations, you will ensure that our grantmaking operations can keep pace with our growth while staying aligned with our mission and values. The hired candidate will be a “get it done” leader who enjoys thinking big and working small, with the technical and organizational skills necessary to ensure our Programs and Partnerships teams can work to their highest potential. You will handle a full spectrum of activities related to knowledge management, data entry, grantmaking workflows, compliance, reporting, and quality control.

Your responsibilities will include:
Leading quality control of our diligence documentation (55%)
Our Programs team is responsible for vetting all of our grantee partners and writing diligence reports to support their grant recommendations. These diligence reports are also used by our Partnerships team to raise interest among other funders in supporting our grantee partners.
The Grants & Compliance Manager will support these efforts by:
– Reading all diligence summaries and assessing how well they conform with SFF’s standards.
– Making edits and aligning writing style to ensure the summaries are complete, consistent, clear, and compelling.
– Periodically discussing organizations with Program Officers and working with the Program Officers to make sure the written diligence summary is an accurate reflection of the Program Officer’s analysis and opinion.
– Providing feedback to the Programs team when extensive editing or corrections are merited.
– Verifying and updating supporting documentation such as financial statements.
– Approving the diligence summaries that pass the quality and completeness checks.
– Generating externally-sharable versions of the approved summaries, cleaning up the formatting, and adding relevant charts.
– Filing the externally-sharable version of the diligence summaries for use by our Partnerships team.
Although actual workloads will vary from month to month, the Grants & Compliance Manager can expect to review around 250-300 summaries annually. This work will require attention to detail, strong writing skills, a curious mind, and a tenacious spirit.

Overseeing our grantmaking compliance (35%)
While our Programs team is responsible for conducting diligence, building relationships with our grantee partners, and making grant decisions, our Operations team is responsible for reviewing the related legal and regulatory considerations and determining the best grantmaking pathway to take for each grant decision.
The Grants & Compliance Manager will support these efforts by:
– Monitoring all active grants for key issues such as overdue grant agreements, late reports, or missing documents and working with Program Officers to address and resolve open issues.
– Ensuring that all administrative, legal, and tax compliance requirements of grants are met, including compliance with IRS regulations and SFF’s internal grantmaking policies (as per SFF compliance checklists).
– Reviewing the registration status of organizations to determine the appropriate grantmaking pathway to use for their grant (501(c)3, equivalency determination, or expenditure responsibility).
– Keeping grant records up to date in SFF’s Salesforce system.
– Over time, this role will have the opportunity to make contributions to how SFF’s grants and compliance systems evolve, including creating, updating, and documenting grant-related workflows and templates/forms.
This work will require attention to detail, an ability to manage complex workflows, strong database management skills, and a willingness to become well-versed in IRS regulatory frameworks.

Driving our calendar of grant decision meetings (10%)
Our team and board meet virtually 9 times a year to present and discuss grant decisions. The Grants & Compliance Manager will serve as the focal point for the planning, execution, and follow-up of these meetings. This will include:
– Monitoring the grants renewal calendar to ensure all current grants are renewed according to schedule.
– Liaising with colleagues to confirm the run-of-show for each meeting.
– Preparing, proofreading, and distributing reference materials in advance of the meetings.
– Scheduling the meetings and sending out calendar invitations and reminders.
– Preparing and distributing summaries of grant decisions after the meetings.
– Tracking and monitoring any action items that arise out of the meeting to ensure completion.

Who we are looking for:
– You have a demonstrated passion for social impact and are excited about our mission of finding and funding local solutions to pressing challenges in Sub-Saharan Africa.
– You live the values of Segal Family Foundation. Each one is essential to achieving our mission, and we want to see a history of your engagement with each.
– You are a behind-the-scenes hero and will be fulfilled by driving the back-office side of our success.
– No prior grant management experience is required. However, you must have experience and skill in:
1) Writing for clarity with a knack for editing and proofreading:
1a) You can demonstrate experience providing feedback on documents written by other people. This includes making revisions to improve flow, style, and clarity and fixing spelling, punctuation, grammar, and formatting errors.
1b) You can demonstrate experience (in a professional or academic setting) with conforming your writing style and tone to a style guide specific to a company or organization.
1c) Run-on sentences make you itchy.
1d) You can identify parts of this job description that you think could have been worded differently and to better effect.
2) Managing and coordinating complex processes and workflows:
2a) You are incredibly well-organized and can demonstrate experience meeting deadlines and expectations with managing projects or processes that involve multiple stakeholders.
2b) You know how to hold others accountable for their contributions to joint projects and deadlines.
– You are incredibly detail-oriented. You gain energy from working through checklists and bringing a systematic approach to everything around you.
– You must love spreadsheets and must be happy spending most of your work day behind a computer screen. You have experience entering, modifying, and extracting data from a database platform.
– You are a team player. You have a proven ability to collaborate and build highly effective working relationships with colleagues across cultures and time zones. You must be comfortable engaging with a hardworking and passionate team both virtually and in-person to forge close-knit relationships.
– You are adept at giving clear and direct feedback to polish work products and have the emotional intelligence to determine how best to give that feedback effectively.
– You are a consummate professional with the highest ethical standards and respect for confidentiality.
– You have a track record of working hard and smart to achieve your goals. You take ownership of responsibilities and can meet high expectations.

Why work with us
– Mission and Impact: We want to change the face of philanthropy while uplifting incredible local leaders (who we like to call #SFFrockstars) in Sub-Saharan Africa.
– Career Development: We hire ambitious people and support them to develop their skills and leadership potential. We want to see you grow and will support you in your career trajectory.
– Autonomy: We hire smart and talented people and let them lead the way. You will have a team to lean on but will be given the autonomy (and responsibility!) to take control of your role and will have the opportunity to contribute to strategic decision-making within the Operations department.
– Work Hard, Play Hard: We put in the extra time and go the extra mile to support our partners. But we also love to laugh, have fun, and enjoy the camaraderie we’ve built amongst our team.
– Variety and Adventure: We support 300+ partners across 20+ African countries. While travel will not be a large part of this specific role, you will still have opportunities to meet our partners, learn about their work, and occasionally see it for yourself.

– Benefits: We believe in supporting the wellbeing of our employees, so we offer health insurance (medical/dental/vision), pension contribution, generous and flexible paid time off, and support for ongoing professional development.

Additional Information

This role will report to the Director of Operations and will work closely with our Programs team, Partnerships team, and Finance Manager. This is a full-time position located remotely (in Africa) or at any of our offices in Africa. We currently have offices in Dar es Salaam, Kigali, Lilongwe, and Nairobi.
– We will agree on a six-month probation period with mutually agreed-upon performance and learning objectives.
– Some evening hours will be required, and occasional travel should be expected.
– Segal Family Foundation is an Equal Opportunity Employer.