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Job Description:

VOTO provides an innovative and complete service for organizations launching “Mobile for Development” (M4D) projects around the world using voice-based messaging, SMS, and social media in local languages. We have technology and expertise to do mobile surveys, messaging campaigns and hotlines through the channels most able to engage hard-to-reach audiences.

Why work at VOTO?

We are an entrepreneurial and fast-growing social enterprise that is looking to transform the way companies, NGOs, and governments communicate with their hardest-to-reach citizens in emerging markets. As a technology-driven company we are creating new solutions for our partners every day, and we get to see them used to create positive human impact nearly immediately.

Current staff love working at VOTO:

  • Do work that matters – pioneer new and innovative ways to tackle key social problems that affect billions of people
  • Learn and grow practical skills quickly – you are always challenged to think and take ownership to deliver results within an environment that provides coaching and training
  • Have fun and support each other – our young and dynamic team sees work as something to be enjoyed and our company as a place for friendships

About VOTO technical support work:

Our web-based software platform is used by organizations around the world on a 24×7 basis. When they have an issue or question they generally email (and occasionally) call our support team. The questions may be about how to use the software, where to access certain information or to report an issue or challenge. This means there are a broad range of technical client challenges that come in with short notice, and require immediate troubleshooting and a professional response.

We provide technical support and behind the scenes monitoring and controls for:

  • Self-service client usage questions about the software application
  • Problems with software bugs or degraded performance reported by VOTO staff or clients
  • Problems with our global network of IT infrastructure and Mobile Network Operator (MNO) connections in 30+ countries across Africa and Asia

The client support team currently consists of 3 staff with 2 dedicated to inbound client support requests and 1 dedicated to IT infrastructure and MNO connection setup and maintenance.

About the Job:

You will manage our technical customer support team, and be ultimately responsible for the successful resolution of all inbound client questions and problems. You will hire and train staff to meet the rising demands and oversee those staff based in Ghana and Asia. Your main outcomes and tasks (in order of priority) are:

  • Oversee technical support
  • Solve client problems: Resolve issues reported by clients
  • Ensure support team can troubleshoot and resolve issues on a day-to-day basis
  • Act as Level 2 support on challenging issues
  • Make clients happy: Ensure clients have a positive experience with and impression of VOTO as a competent, positive, professional and helpful organization
  • Ensure communication frequency, channel and style of support team leaves positive impression on clients; as necessary, coach staff on delivering excellence in customer service
  • Lead the support team: Ensure support team has the skills and knowledge to tackle the tough issues they face
  • Train & coach staff and provide access to the necessary reference and training materials
  • Get efficient: Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of support to provide higher quality problem resolutions with less staff time
  • Automate, create tools and recipes wherever possible
  • Maintain documentation that can guide all staff on how to respond to issues and conduct tasks

A senior candidate with the right background can also take on the following functions around IT infrastructure and software testing. VOTO is open to a candidate who can only do the above responsibilities but also to someone who can do the ones listed below as well.

  • Oversee IT infrastructure and local delivery nodes
  • Ensure new ‘delivery nodes’ (colocated servers & MNO connections installed across Africa and Asia) are installed effectively and rapidly
  • Ensure uptime, performance, and maintenance of ‘delivery node’ infrastructure
  • Draw connections across root causes of support tickets and make cross-team recommendations
  • Reduce support burden: Work with Operations and Technical teams to address root causes of support issues so the total number of issues reported goes down over time
  • Identify major causes of support issues and report back to teams who can control them (e.g., platform usability, software bugs, unclear how-to guides, unreliable integrations with 3rd party providers)
  • Jointly problem solve with other teams to reduce influx of support issues


At the core this role requires excellent technical skills to understand and manipulate IT systems and to troubleshoot and resolve technical problems.

  • Experience managing a technical support team (or testing or IT infrastructure team)
  • Background with multiple software products and/or telecommunications systems (e.g., SQL databases, Ubuntu servers, client facing web applications, SMS gateways, VoIP providers, and MNO core networks)
  • Experience managing remote staff based in other locations
  • Client service experience, especially with stressed clients who contact support only when they have a problem
  • At least an undergraduate degree. A likely a strong candidate will have >7 years of professional experience [or learned fast in fewer years ☺]


  • Problem solving and troubleshooting: Able to systematically diagnose and resolve technical problems.
  • Technical skills: Background in software development and/or system administration is ideal. Knowledge of SQL and remote system administration would be helpful.
  • People management and training: Develop good relationships with staff and help them perform well including day-to-day performance management and long term training and staff growth
  • Attention to detail and highly reliable: Always able to have a team deliver on tight timelines, and never let anything fall through the cracks.
  • Client communication: Ensure you always communicate effectively and positively with clients, and impart this knowledge and practice to other staff.
  • Entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to learning! Every 6 months VOTO is transformed significantly based on our learning and the evolving needs of our clients. You need to be excited about shaping this future with us, as the role will not be static. You will interface regularly with every other team in VOTO and will be at the forefront of helping us be a world-class service organization.


The role can theoretically be done from anywhere but the core team is currently based in a mix of Ghana and Kenya.  Candidates should be open to significant global travel to ensure they can build in-person relationships with their team.

About Us

VOTO Mobile is a fast growing social enterprise with offices in Canada, the US, Ghana, Senegal, Zimbabwe, Kenya and India. Our services help partners distribute and collect information by engaging difficult-to-reach populations through their mobile phones. We specialize in interactive voice calls (IVR) and SMS in local languages, instantly reaching across distance and literacy barriers. We serve a wide variety of use-cases including: journalists who run national public interest surveys, rural clinics who distribute maternal health education, policy makers who study vaccine supply chains, economic development organizations who reach out to farmers, urban planners who monitor water distribution access, and academics who research the effect of public health interventions. We also have an API used to empower entrepreneurs and higher-level mobile service providers.

In the 3 years since our launch, our product has been used by 500 organizations to reach over 5.6 million people across 40+ countries. We offer the most robust platform in the industry and work across all sectors. We have pioneered the set-up of international and local connections that allow us to call nearly every phone on the planet. Further, through conducting a number of tests, we have developed a large number of best practices that help our partners to push the boundaries of mobile engagement effectiveness and impact. This knowledge will soon be shared online in our “VOTO University”.

Some of our most active global users include: the World Bank, UNICEF, Stanford University, McKinsey & Company, Facebook, MIT, IDEO.org, Camfed, ONE Campaign, Innovations for Poverty Action, Vodafone Foundation, Farm Radio International, FHI360, and Equal Access.

Our culture and you

We believe that “More Voices leads to Better Choices”. This means giving valuable information to poor households to help them make better lifestyle decisions, and it also means giving a voice to those same households to influence national and development policy in their country. Three billion people are disconnected from the information economy and VOTO Mobile is using simple mobile technology to bridge the pervasive literacy, distance and infrastructure gaps.

VOTO Mobile is a technology startup. We are proud of our product, the leader in the M4D space. We are the only platform that integrates both IVR and SMS, that is set up to call every phone on the planet, and has a unique “smart delivery node” that allows organizations to perform their mobile engagement programing even in the context of non-reliable internet connections. We are at the cutting edge of M4D.

We currently have almost 50 employees, the majority of which are based in Ghana. We have a near even gender split, and a wide diversity of backgrounds. We are 3.5 years old and have been doubling our staff every year – something we are also hoping to maintain. Our ambition and growth creates a need for reliable people who can step in and be successful in their area of responsibility, and build the systems needed to grow that area.

We have a very supportive team culture. We have a learning approach and understand that most of us are working outside of our comfort zone. If you ask anyone at VOTO what their favorite part of working here, they’ll say the team… even those who are working remotely!

If you are interested in helping 3 billion people get connected to the information economy, please consider joining VOTO. VOTO Mobile is an equal opportunity employer. We welcome and are excited to receive applications from female candidates and diverse backgrounds.

Additional Information

Apply with CV and very short cover letter that lets us understand why you’d be interested in working with us (and questions if you have any) to jobs@votomobile.org. Please include the wording “Global Head of Support” in the subject line of your email.

More information: www.votomobile.org/careers