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Cape Town, South Africa
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Head of Product Growth is an exciting role reporting directly to the CEO of Zoona Digital (Brett Magrath), and responsible for running data-driven, behaviourally minded product experiments, to drive business value.


– The Growth Team is responsible for running business experiments across all our digital products, to improve specific metrics – e.g. acquisition, retention, referral.
– These experiments may include UI changes (e.g. where this button goes), flow changes (e.g. swap these 2 stages of the registration process), new features, communications (e.g. in-App notifications, reminder SMSes), or financial incentives (e.g. discounts).
– Experiments may be run across our different products (savings account, transactional mobile wallet, and micro loans product) and channels (consumer App, consumer USSD, teller mobi, and teller App).
– The Growth Team may also work with the Marketing team to help design acquisition experiments, e.g. around App Store Optimization, A/B testing of landing pages, etc.


– This role includes a wide range of tasks, spanning experiment design, data architectural design, data analysis, and digital marketing. All experiments must drive business value, so will need to be measured for commercial value added.
– This hire will be the first in the team, so the Head of Product Growth will be responsible for building and scaling a team under him/her. At the beginning, while the team is small and under-resourced (hey, this is a startup after all!), the role will involve more doing of tasks rather than managing them.

The team’s responsibilities will include:

– Segmenting customer data to target experiments – eg. how should we think about which customers to target with which experiments, and how much we’d be willing to pay to retain/convert them
– Prioritizing and designing business experiments
– Product developing MVPs to run as experiments, e.g. how to technically build out a referrals program (in the quickest, most basic way to run an experiment)
– Analyzing experiment results – e.g., interpreting high-level results, drilling down into segmented results, and measuring for commercial viability / ROI (e.g. is the Cost of Acquisition, under the anticipated Lifetime Value?)
– Gathering qualitative feedback, to understand consumer behavior and layer on top of the qualitative experiment results… This might be via in-country focus groups, SMS/phone surveys, usability tests, etc.
– Reporting/ Recommending changes to core product teams – Based on the results of experiments, handing over specific successful features to core product teams to properly systematize and roll out to the whole population (or to the whole segment of customers who should receive that experience)
– Building on experimentation architecture — Currently, we are considering a combination of Apptimize, Airflow, Wasabi, and our SQL Warehouse to assign users to experiments and track the results


– 7+ years experience in at least 2 of these 3 relevant fields: Product, Marketing, Data/Research
– 3+ years managerial experience — ideally in forming/scaling a team
– Familiarity with digital analytics software and A/B testing platforms – e.g. Google Analytics, –
Optimizely, AppSee, Google Analytics, and Apptimize
– Comfort with UX concepts and understanding of the product development cycle
– Competence in basic statistical analysis
– Interest and/or experience in cognitive psychology or behavioral economics
– Communication & people skills, to report results and liaise with multiple product teams
– High attention to detail
– All-hands-on-deck / get-your-hands-dirty personality
– Ability to travel internationally once per quarter (c. 10% of the time)


– Leading / working in a Growth Team at a previous startup
– Technical data chops – e.g. writing SQL queries, using data analysis software (QlikView/ –
Tableau / SPSS / Alteryx)
– Back-end/platform/Android software development skills
– UX chops – e.g. in wire-framing and prototyping (we use Axure)
– Previous experience with collecting/interpreting qualitative data – e.g. running focus groups, developing surveys, etc.
– Experience working with (or designing products for) low-literacy consumers in developing markets
– Experience in fintech


– Values fit: You must live and breathe Zoona’s values of Being Real,  Entrepreneurship, –
Integrity, Commitment, Togetherness, and Fun in both your professional and personal life.
– Multiplier leader: You must be a consistent A-player and Multiplier leader who is never satisfied with the status quo and constantly seeks to learn and improve.
– Flexible and Agile: In a rapidly growing company like Zoona, the only constant is change. –
Agility and an ability to fail quickly and learn are a key part of how we work.
– Confidence and belief: You must possess the highest confidence and belief in yourself, your teammates, and your direct reports.
– Performance under pressure: You must consistently meet and deliver on rising expectations and make an impact immediately.
– Passionate about your field: You must have a passion for learning and its role in creating value and driving impact to change the world.


In Africa, high unemployment, frequent household shocks, and a lack of access to formal financial services create the need for people to rely on their extended families and communities for financial support.

Zoona exists to make a difference. We start by identifying emerging entrepreneurs and providing them with a franchise “business-in-a-box” solution to make money and serve their communities as Zoona agents and tellers. We specifically focus on girls and young women who can multiply our impact by becoming role models and accelerating the Girl Effect in their communities.

Our core service is to help people send and receive money when they need to most. By consistently delivering an exceptional experience when it truly matters, we will earn the trust of our consumers and create wealth and well-being for our agents and tellers. We will nurture these relationships and listen attentively to our customers to develop a suite of innovative financial services that solve real pain points and enhance their dignity.

This is how we will help communities thrive.

We are based in Cape Town, South Africa, with trading operations in Zambia, Malawi and Mozambique. We have attracted $22 million in international venture capital investment, have grown to 1.5 million active customers, and have processed over $1 billion in transaction value across a network of 1,500 agent outlets that employ 2,500 people.

But we are just getting started. Over the next 5-years, we will:

– Become the leading financial services brand for 30 million monthly active consumers
– Develop a high-performing customer-centric culture where people are unleashed to fulfil their potential
– Establish the top-performing and most-trusted agent network in 10 countries
– Build a highly flexible and robust FinTech platform that adapts to customer needs and industry standards

We bring together the drive of young entrepreneurs and the power of cutting-edge technology to bring safe and reliable financial services to underserved communities all over Africa.

We have support offices in South Africa with operations in Zambia, Malawi, and Mozambique. Since inception we have processed over $2 billion in transactions and been recognised by the Nike Foundation and the Unreasonable Group as one of the top ten start-ups best positioned to take girls out of poverty by helping them become entrepreneurs.

Please have a look at this video to learn more about our business: https://youtu.be/ki6gj9GEVqI