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Phnon Penh, Cambodia
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Email your CV with “[Head of Impact Venture Building] > Application _Your Name” in the subject line to info@platform-impact.com
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Platform Impact creates, develops and empowers Impact-Driven Enterprises aiming to overcome poverty, reduce inequalities and maximize improvements in human and environmental well-being in Cambodia and Southeast Asia.

We define Impact-Driven Enterprises as new forms of business organizations re-thinking their essential purpose, innovation processes and guiding operational practices to genuinely serve the collective interests, protect our planet and ensure that all people live their lives in peace and dignity.

Impact-Driven Enterprises are hybrid organizations blending business with mission, and combining an unwavering focus on meeting societal needs with entrepreneurial energy and market discipline to prove that making a profit and having positive impacts on society are not mutually exclusive ideas. They are inclusive, environmentally sensitive and use the Sustainable Development Goals as a framework for decision making and actions.

As a values-oriented team, we pledged to focus our mission on promoting, catalyzing, and scaling Impact-Driven Entrepreneurship and Responsible Finance movements in Cambodia and across the region.

As part of our growing team, we are looking for someone to lead Platform Impact’s Innovation and Venture Building arm, our department that provides Founders and C-Level Executives of the Impact-Driven Enterprises we support, with intense strategic leadership, guidance and hands-on management advisory services to help them develop relevant overarching growth strategies and secure the funds they need to implement those successfully. It will allow Impact-Driven Enterprises to expand operations, extend geographic reach and maximize positive impacts in Cambodia.

This is an exciting opportunity for someone who is passionate about sustainable development, with a robust social entrepreneurship and/or impact investing background, and interested in mobilizing her/his strong business intelligence capabilities, creative problem-solving skills and networking power to promote a more sustainable, inclusive and equitable economy in the Kingdom of Cambodia.

This is a full-time role, based in Phnom Penh and expected to start in September 2021.


Platform-Impact is shaping the next generation of Impact-Driven Enterprises in Cambodia, and we’re looking for the brightest minds to help us. Our world-class multidisciplinary team will challenge you to push the boundaries of the industry. If you have the passion, tenacity, and curiosity to build innovative businesses from the ground up, we invite you to join us on this exciting, demanding and rewarding journey.

You will join and lead the Innovation and Venture Building arm of Platform Impact. The department’s mission is to invent, uncover, build, finance and scale industry-disrupting businesses with Cambodia’s most influential companies committed to the principles of accountability, inclusivity, and sustainability.

You will work very closely with growth stage Impact-Driven Enterprises in purposeful and methodical ways, to get them investment-ready in 12-14 months. During the process you will be leveraging their untapped strategic assets to create new revenue streams, business units, product/service ranges and distribution channels to tackle Cambodia’s most pressing poverty, social and/or environmental issues.

As a Head of Impact Venture Building, you will lead the work to continuously empower our team of Impact Venture Builders, develop best-in-class innovative approaches, and secure relevant resources and partner to help Cambodia-based Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SME) to fast-track their transformational journey towards greater impacts. From investment strategy, fundraising to execution, you will provide advice on business models, product management, technology, and growth.

Your key duties, roles and responsibilities will mainly include:

Leadership, Innovation and Strategic Management (40%)
• Create, suggest and implement strategic plans to ensure the financial self-sustainability of Platform Impact’s Innovation and Venture Building arm,
• Integrate cutting edge methodologies, tools and curriculums into Platform Impact’s Innovation and Venture Building arm to ensure that we can evolve and respond nimbly to meet the needs of entrepreneurs, impact investors, responsible finance institutions, local government, and other key stakeholders,
• initiate, develop and maintain strategic partnerships that will enhance Platform Impact’s Innovation and Venture Building arm,
• Contribute to creating, activating and engaging our vast networks of strategists, thinkers and problem solvers helping us to de-risk impact entrepreneurship and investment in Cambodia,
• Lead the internal processes to continuously build, update, maintain and save the knowledge bases of Platform Impact’s Innovation and Venture Building arm,
• Ensure the supervision, skills development and well-being of a team of Impact Venture Builders,
• Develop and implement strategies to foster a culture of transparency and collaboration that enables Platform Impact’s Innovation and Venture Building arm to perform at high levels of trust, effectiveness and efficiency,
• Oversee the reporting of the achievements our Innovation and Venture Building arm to Platform Impact’s key Partners and Stakeholders, using quantitative and qualitative metrics as well as financial and (non-financial) impacts key performance indicators.

Bring Impact-Driven Enterprises to Investment Readiness and Maturity for New Product, Service and/or Market Launches (30%)
• Develop a deep understanding of the problems that our Impact Ventures can tackle, through in-depth (primary and secondary) research,
• Bring innovative business ideas to the table and then find suitable entrepreneurs to lead and grow them in Cambodia with the extensive support of Platform Impact,
• Be sparring partner for Impact-Driven Enterprises’ founders and senior leadership team, to help them challenge status-quo and design long-term strategies, with the goal of maximizing positive social and/or environmental benefits in the Country through financially self-sustainable ways,
• Use reliable data, market analysis, evidence, and user insights/feedback to test assumptions and advise on strategy,
• Oversee, monitor and understand in-depth requirements of relevant industries, including applicable laws, rules and standards, to provide Impact-Driven Enterprises with valuable advice on how to act properly in complex regulatory frameworks,
• Design solid, reliable and accurate data-driven monitoring & evaluation systems to track, measure and communicate the positive impacts generated by the ventures we jointly build with daring local entrepreneurs,
• Ensure high quality proactive supports to our Impact-Driven Enterprises through 1-on-1 work sessions as well as workshops and retreats,
• Establish mutual trust and win-win relations with key external partners and stakeholders to solicit, when appropriate, their complementary mentorship, expertise and network to take the Impact Enterprises we empower to the next level in terms of credibility, trustworthiness and investment-readiness.

Support Our Impact-Driven Enterprises to Raise the Patient Capital They Need to Scale Their Operations in Cambodia (30%)
• In consultation with Platform Impact’s Board of Directors: plan, develop, implement and coordinate ambitious fundraising strategies for our Impact-Driven Enterprises,
• Lead end-to-end process to successfully secure the right types of funding for our Impact Driven Enterprises,
• Research, identify, assess and implement new fundraising opportunities and relationships amongst Financial Partners (including but not limited to Impact investors, sustainable finance organizations, institutional donors, private foundations, trusts, and individuals) to diversify and increase our sources to facilitate access to patient capital for the Impact-Driven Enterprises we support,
• In cooperation with Impact-Driven Enterprises’ Founders, C-Level and Senior Management, prepare compelling high quality funding applications, develop comprehensive due diligence materials and submit them to relevant Financial Partners,
• Be an effective liaison: Follow up approaches, facilitate conversations, organize field visits, and check on progress to ensure funding applications are fully considered by our Financial Partners, ensuring relevant data is provided as required in a timely manner,
• Ensure smooth funding, term sheet and contract negotiations between our Impact-Driven Enterprises and financial Partners,
• Help us to maintain excellent relationships with our portfolio of Financial Partners,
• Assist investees in timely financial, compliance and impact reporting.


You will be an essential member of the team and we will rely on you to be a friendly, enthusiastic, knowledgeable and professional face of Platform Impact.

You are:
• Entrepreneurial: You have at least 8-10 years of professional experience in accelerators, strategic consulting, investment banking, venture capital, economic development, entrepreneurship or related fields supporting a genuine “business for good approach”,
• An empathetic listener and a human-centered leader: You have proven experience, building, motivating and growing passionate, loyal and committed teams,
• An inspirational strategic thinker with proven execution excellence, negotiation skills and hands-on management capabilities,
• Extremely cognizant of the principles of impact-driven entrepreneurship, sustainable finance, and corporate social responsibility,
• Commercially minded – you are comfortable speaking the language of impact-driven entrepreneurship, know your way around a business model, and have strong financial analysis and modeling skills,
• Well aware of the challenges associated to the launch, development and management of businesses in developing countries and emerging markets,
• Able to manage complex and multiple stakeholder relationships as well as communicate and influence senior leaders effectively and with ease,
• Goal oriented, Doer vs. Talker, willing to roll-up your sleeves to deliver projects successfully,
• A natural networker taking initiatives and actions to build lasting, functional relationships,
• Passionate about moving tasks forward, take full ownership of projects and show leadership skills that inspire the people you work with to continuously, think in unconventional ways, challenge the status quo and strive for improvement,
• A curious learner continuously applying strong research skills to be up-to-date on what happens in the impact entrepreneurship and investing sectors and adjacent industries,
• Creative, process-driven, proactive – while you’re great at jumping in and doing things last-minute, when necessary, you have strong skills in creating processes to ensure that nothing is forgotten and your work flows smoothly,
• Ideally strongly familiar with the local, regional and international impact entrepreneurship & investing ecosystem – working with multiple stakeholders in this impact ecosystem is a big part of this role,
• Comfortable working autonomously and within a team – our team is small, so being able to balance independence with collaboration is really important,
• A true team player: You share, discuss, ask for advice, and report on your work regularly. You will work independently; we don’t want to be on your back 😉
• A master of Microsoft Office (Excel, PowerPoint, Word, etc.)
• Fluent in English (written and spoken),
• A Cambodian National (preferred), with previous international exposure and multicultural sensitivity,
• The kind of person who goes the extra mile – you’re genuinely helpful and committed; and these qualities will not go unnoticed with us, we believe in giving credit where credit is due.


A 1-year renewable contract, full-time position, $35,000 – $40,000 USD annual gross salary based on experience.

You will be in great company – every Platform Impact team member is smart, fun and friendly. We genuinely apply strong participative management principles in our day-to-day activities.

You will work in a fast-paced, international, constantly-evolving environment that is never boring; where you will support smart, creative and inspiring individuals who are developing innovative, disruptive, and cutting-edge solutions to tackle Cambodia most pressing social and environmental issues.

You will be working in a fast growing flexible and agile work environment enabling a fast-learning curve and development of your entrepreneurial side. Your growth and personal development are at the top of our leadership team’s agenda. Our purpose is to make teams grow together. We know that an aligned core allows us to master every challenge, which is why we recruit for cultural fit.


• Email your CV with “[Head of Impact Venture Building] > Application _Your Name” in the subject line to info@platform-impact.com,
• Include a cover letter in your email. We will not consider applications without a cover letter! Tell us why you’re interested in the role and why we should hire you – we want to know why you’re excited by this particular opportunity,
• Detail relevant experience and skills in the cover letter – no need to write about your entire work history – concentrate instead on the parts that you consider most relevant to this position, as outlined in the job description,
• Include your earliest start date,
• Be professional but with personality – don’t write like a corporate drone, let your real self-shine through your cover letter.

Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis.
If you are interested in joining us, we strongly encourage you to apply as early as possible.

Only candidates under serious consideration will be contacted.