Head of Innovation and Consumer Needs (ICoN) providing business analysis support

London, UK
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Department: ICoN
Place of work: London, UK with international travel
Duration: Permanent
Grade: 11
Salary: £47,749 – £50,733
Reports to: Director of Programmes

About WSUP
WSUP is a not-for-profit company that helps transform cities to benefit the millions who lack access to water and sanitation. They were created in 2005 as a response to the urban explosion that has left many cities unable to provide basic services, such as access to a toilet or drinking water, to low-income communities. They work alongside local providers, enabling them to develop services, build infrastructure and attract funding so that they can reach low-income communities.

To ensure that services can reach as many people as possible, and will exist over the long-term, they have a strong focus on financial viability. This means working with utilities and businesses to build services which generate revenue whilst reaching the most vulnerable urban residents, and advising regulators and governments on how to create an environment which enables businesses to succeed.

They work in seven countries in sub-Saharan Africa and Asia, supported by an office in the UK. As the urban specialist in water and sanitation, they are committed to sharing evidence and approaches so that our innovations can enable change around the world. Since inception they have helped over 20 million people access improved water, sanitation and hygiene services.
For more information about WSUP’s vision and approach, see www.wsup.com.

About the ICoN Team
The 2020-2025 Business Plan describes WSUP as an unusual and exhilarating institution, never short on ambition or a willingness to try the innovative, alternative or stretching. Whilst every team has a role to play in living up to this reputation, ICoN leads the way. This means questioning the way they seek to solve the world’s WASH problems. ICoN looks for innovative opportunities. This might include exploring a new business model, alternative partnerships, different technology or a refined method for analysis. Innovation might be huge leap, or series of incremental adjustments, but will always be underpinned by customer focus and a growth mindset.
Being part of the ICoN team means providing support as a group of different specialisms, being prepared to embrace problems, maximise impact on existing projects, manage ambiguity, seek out your own initiatives, challenge constructively and stay resilient to the inherent challenges of encouraging change.

About the role
This is a new role, created as part of an organisational restructure of WSUP team and a strengthening of the ICON team, part of WSUP’s long term change programme to build our capacity to meet our ambitious goals from the 2020 – 2025 Business Plan. The Head of ICoN will deliver a business analysis specialism and will play a key role in effective management, leadership and coordination of the ICoN team within WSUP.
You will coordinate the ICoN team’s work with the Global Programmes Team and seek integration with country teams to refine solutions and apply innovative approaches. You will manage the ICoN team’s work with the Evaluation Research and Learning team to reflect, share and learn from projects and areas of work which have generated new findings or unlocked improved WASH service provision. You will assist the Partnerships and Communications team to articulate how ICoN can add value to project proposals and help build partnerships with new types of funders.
The Business Analyst will support WSUP’s work on enterprise development: supporting the private sector in playing its role in bringing innovation and developing services which are both financially viable and affordable for the poorest residents.
Across all areas of expertise, you will be expected to individually and as a team deliver capacity building and knowledge sharing across the organisation.

Application deadline

24th January 2021

Week commencing 1st February 2021

The full job description can be found below.
To apply for this position, go to https://www.wsup.com/vacancies/ to upload your resume and cover letter.
Please note: This job is based in the UK. Applicants must have the right to work in in the UK at the time of application. Please do not apply if this is not the case.

Job Description
As Head of ICoN you will manage the ICoN team members and will work closely with the other functional teams to manage the budget and resourcing of specialist and cross-cutting activity. You will support the ICoN team members in prioritising their workload to ensure the team as a whole can achieve the WSUP Strategic goals and you will represent ICoN in WSUP decision making structures. You will be responsible for ensuring that all work in ICoN takes into account financial budgetary constraints, and environmental, institutional and organizational aspects.
In your business analysis capacity you will develop innovative designs for appropriate, sustainable, financially viable WASH business solutions, challenging the status quo and building partnerships. Your role will help to increase the credibility of WSUP through high quality evidence-based financial and business scrutiny, working closely with colleagues and water and sanitation enterprises in WSUP core countries.

Main responsibilities & tasks:

1. Managing the ICoN Team
• Represent, supervise and guide the ICoN function to effectively implement the cross-cutting activities which achieve the ICoN mandate, dedicating time to ensure that the team members achieve their full potential.
• Take financial control of the ICoN budget supported by the WSUP Finance function. Use the fund reports for financial tracking, project planning and forecasting. Provide fund report feedback to the Finance function keeping a tight control on expenditure and contractual commitments.
• Stretch the ICoN team members to expand the range of support they can provide and the interventions with which they will engage.
• Ensure that work is appropriately delegated amongst the ICoN staff members and that the team members are empowered to carry out tasks independently where appropriate to their skills and capacity.
• Generate effective communications, ensuring that the perspectives from country teams are represented and articulated within the ICoN function and that key messages from the ICoN function are accurately communicated to the in-country teams.
• Secure collaboration within the ICoN team and assist in appropriate organisational decision making teams, speaking on the team’s behalf.
• Assist in the recruitment of ICoN staff members and other staff members as required.
• Coordinate country visits by the ICoN team members to ensure that country teams are not overburdened, that appropriate support is provided for the projects and that optimum impact is achieved for the budget available.
• Prioritise the personal and professional development of the ICoN team members through objective setting, regular one-to-ones, feedback and reflection. Manage performance in a coaching & mentoring manner.
• Ensure line managed staff are aware of their duty of care responsibilities relating to children, young people and vulnerable adults; support partners and line managed staff to safeguard children, young people and vulnerable adults to protect them from abuse and themselves from false allegations

2. Leading ICoN for WSUP
• Secure collaboration across the ICON team members and be a visible presence in WSUP, championing ICoN’s values: exploring the need for new ways of working, seeking innovative approaches and ensuring the potential for inclusion of the private sector in the WASH environment.
• Establish ICoN direction and governance which is capable of absorbing significant growth over the medium to longer term, whilst maintaining the essential ingredient of entrepreneurship in the way that WSUP works
• Represent ICoN and WSUP, and facilitate the team to represent WSUP at relevant sector workshops, seminars and conferences to share ICoN initiatives, programme activities and organisational messaging.
• Develop purposeful relationships with different development agencies to share learning and experiences of ICoN and to secure support from them to strengthen WSUP.
• Support and build the capacity of the Business Development Leads through a mentoring and coaching approach, sharing particular insights linked to the various specialisms in the ICoN team
• Contribute to fundraising communications, strong and positive WSUP brand visibility and recognition, working closely with the country teams and the Head of P&C

3. Design and analysis of new and existing business models
• Interpret financial data to ensure that business decisions are made using sound and understandable data
• Carry out deep dive assessments of variances between budgets, forecasts and actuals for businesses which WSUP support
• Share key insights in an impactful and easy-to-understand way through data visualisation and accessible narrative
• Provide analytical services such as stakeholder identification, market segmentation, scope definition, benefit measures and operational impact assessments, and analyse barriers to service provision in low income communities.

4. Engagement with Financial Services Sector
• Engage the social financing sector to build external awareness of WSUP programmes the enable the prospect of their investment and the opportunities for them to collaborate.
• Follow and track sector debates to leverage best practice and cutting-edge business research to improve the quality and impact of interventions and to encourage innovative and alternative business solutions.

5. Capacity building within WSUP
• Secure collaboration and agreement from colleagues and businesses reflecting understanding of the business development process, customer focus and business value.
• Support the Partnerships and Communications team to strengthen WSUP’s positioning of market-based solutions with funders and other key stakeholders
• Adapt and develop processes and tools for gathering and validating business requirements that can be used by WSUP teams, developing ways of documenting ‘as is’ and ‘to be’ processes in accessible and transferable format

6. Undertake any other duties as commensurate with the role and agreed with the Director of Programmes.

Person specification
Evidence that applicants meet the essential criteria will be assessed by the following methods: Application (A) Interview (I), Test (T) as indicated below.
Qualifications and experience
 Track record of delivering tasks within deadlines and budgets and helping others to do so. (A, I)
 Experience of private sector engagement and developing market-based solutions (A, I)
 Experience and understanding of the practical realities and cultural dimensions of working in a non-UK context, for example with multinational firms or international consultancies or not for profit agencies (A, I).
 Experience in managing projects funded by agencies or governments and experience of managing external stakeholders (A, I)
 Appreciation and experience of managing external stakeholders (I)
 Experienced in managing a team (A, I)
 Sound understanding of key financial, institutional and social issues in the provision of services to low income consumers in urban areas of the developing world (A, I)
 Knowledge of business and commercial issues (A, I)
 Understanding of safeguarding considerations in the context of business serving low income consumers and of data protection and security in relation to the flow of business data between different parties (I)
Skills and abilities
 Capability in leading, managing and participating in a small dynamic team where flexibility and adaptability are required. (I)
 Ability to build and monitor budgets, manage resources and confidently negotiate financial decisions for the team. (I)
 Demonstrated ability to articulate sound reasoning for strategic recommendations (A).
 Ability to combine long-term strategic thinking with practical day-to-day implementation (I)
 Able to identify, prioritise and manage areas of risk (A, I)
 Manage performance and undertake appraisals of direct reports (A, I)
 Ability to understand and interpret business requirements and to analyse complex data from multiple sources (A, T)
 Ability to articulate a business approach or business model with clarity to non-financial or business stakeholders (I)
 Advanced Excel skills to illustrate and demonstrate models (T)
 Project management skills including planning, implementation, monitoring and financial management (A, I)
 Excellent relationship building approach, experienced in stakeholder management and collaborative working with cross disciplined teams (I)
 Passionate about WSUP’s aims and ethos (I)
 Absolute adherence to WSUP’s policies on Safeguarding, Child Protection, Health & Safety and Business Ethics and lead on these by example (I)

Additional Information

Please note: This job is based in the UK. Applicants must have the right to work in in the UK at the time of application. Please do not apply if this is not the case.