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JD: Head of People/HR Director
Culture, Recruiting, Development, HR, all of it!
About Us:

Penda Health is an award-winning healthcare company that is on its way to becoming the most trusted healthcare provider in Africa for people of all income brackets.

We are bringing on a Head of People/HR Director to build the most innovative HR department that Africa has ever seen. We see this role as the KEY to our success. Read more about our excitement about the role in this open letter.

To be successful in this role, you will need to be able to bring together the right company culture, recruiting strategy, and training program to allow the Penda team to deliver trusted healthcare. To enjoy this position you’ll need to be ready for the daily challenges of running a people department for a fast growing company in a tough employment market.

This position works directly alongside one of the founders of Penda Health (Stephanie), and offers the opportunity to:

•       Build the HR department at a company that loves people!
•       Shape our HR strategy (working directly with the founders) as we grow the company from 30 to 300+employeeswithin 3 years!
•       Own employee stock options in the company that you build!

In short, design and implement Penda’s People/HR strategy.
•       Lead a collaborative process with our leadership team to create and implement best-in-class recruitment, retention, professional development and employee engagement/culture building strategies
•       Truly understand our staff, their needs, their desires, their passions, and what drives them
•       Pull best practices, exciting ideas, and out-of-the-box solutions from across the globe to bring Penda to the forefront of innovation in culture and people
•       Make Penda’s values present in our staff’s everyday work – help our staff thrive through integrity, hard work, and passion
•       Make Penda the #1 place to work in Kenya, thereby enhancing our ability to recruit and retain top talent
•       Build Penda’s capacity to recruit, retain, and develop top talent at the speed and scale that we need for our growth plans
•       Shape, manage, and recruit the people in your department
•       Navigate a complicated regulatory setting for healthcare workers and general employment law
•       Maintain a single company culture as we add new branches and scale

•       Unquestionable integrity
•       5+ years working in people related departments (or other relevant experience)
•       Energy & resilience – this role will unquestionably be a huge challenge
•       Available full-time

Salary and Benefits:
•       Working for a company that makes you feel great about the future
•       Base salary commensurate with experience
•       Employee stock options package
•       Strong benefits package including full medical coverage(inpatient and outpatientcoverage for you and your whole family)

How to Apply?
Do your research on Penda. Then, pick one category of Penda employees.  Pitch me on why that category of employee would want to work with us. What’s our competitive edge as an employer?

Not convinced you want to apply yet, send us an email, find us on LinkedIn, or talk to someone who knows us.  We’d be happy to schedule a 10 min phone call to get to know each other better.

Email: LoveYourWork@pendahealth.com

Additional Information

Read our “Open Letter to our Future Head of People” here: