Holistic Security Coordinator

Mobilizing Activists around Medical Abortion (MAMA) Network
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Submit your application by filling the form. Please attach your CV in PDF format outlining relevant experiences and results
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The MAMA Coordination Team leads the planning, implementation, reporting and improvement of our strategies and various programs and contributes to the building and administration of the movement.
The Holistic Security Coordinator will help us systematically define and manage holistic security in all aspects of our operations, keeping the movement safe.
You will plan, coordinate, implement and evaluate initiatives targeting digital, psychosocial and physical security for all MAMA Network member organizations and the Coordination Team.
We are seeking an expert in digital security, who is interested in leading on all aspects of holistic security (including psychosocial and physical) and will oversee experts in those fields as needed.Your Responsibilities will include:
1. Spearhead Holistic Security
Lead the co-creation of Goals and Strategies for Holistic Security at MAMA Network
Create Holistic Security guidelines for MAMA Network as a movement
Keep our training curriculum for Holistic Security updated
Organize & run trainings on Holistic Security for MAMA members (two rounds a year), resulting in the creation of holistic security plans. This includes leading the training on digital security yourself and coordinating consultants/experts for the trainings on psychosocial and physical security.
Monitor and continuously support members’ implementation of their holistic security plans
Serve as an escalation point in security incidents, coordinating response and making key recommendations to both coordinators and members
Work to increase member engagement with content on holistic security (e.g. webinars, guidelines, strategies shared)
Create learning content on HS for MAMA university, our member’s online learning platform
Create HS guidelines and protocols for the coordinator team.
Periodically train MAMA coordinators in HS, and ensure that we are also implementing our HS guidelines.
Oversee relevant consultants, for delivery of training, and for provision of periodic psychosocial support for members
With the Legal Risk Coordinator, gather data on security incidents, harassment and oppressions from MAMA members
Create learning content on HS for MAMA university, our member’s online learning platform.
Facilitate the creation and running of working groups in this area, as need and opportunity arises2. Monitoring & Evaluation
Create clarity on what outputs and outcomes you want to measure in your program. Reach out to M&E lead for the design of M&E tools.
Use the quarterly data and analysis shared by M&E for program learning and drawing insights
For special data collection needs arising outside the usual cycle, work with members to collect data directly.3. Ensuring digital security of MAMA operations and Maintenance of MAMA IT Platforms
Provide digital security expertise to coordinators and support them in digital emergencies
Respond to any digital emergencies, e.g hacking/phishing attempts
Oversee the proper functioning and backup of our Cloud software
Website technical development (e.g. style theme upgrades, adding new content/pages)
Technical administration of our website (WordPress), including plugin upgrades
Technical administration of the Linux server, e.g upgrades
Technical administration (backend) of our member e-learning platform and supporting the Program Coordinator in charge in troubleshooting as required

4. Support development and growth of MAMA Network
Participate in the reviews of the strategic plan.
Contribute to grant reporting through sharing relevant data and insights.
Share ideas, feedback and insights that contribute to the growth and impact of the movement
Collect impact stories from your work and contribute content for various communications (annual report, newsletters, social media, etc)
Represent MAMA Network and the programs externally as arising

Additional Information

Who we are looking for:
Passionate and deep commitment to MAMA’s mission of building a movement to advocate and bring transformative change in SRHR in Africa
Excited to support grassroot activists and organizations who have varying realities, stages of growth, cultures, languages, etc.
We are seeking an expert in digital security, who is interested in leading all aspects of holistic security (including psychosocial and physical)
Excellent knowledge of holistic security strategies, tools and practices in human rights activism
Strong understanding of the holistic security needs of grassroot organizations
Previous results in supporting grassroot organizations in holistic security assessments and providing actionable holistic security plans
Familiarity with the ecosystem of holistic security intermediaries, practitioners, trainers and other relevant partners
Previous experience and knowledge on responding to holistic security incidents. Calm, composed and ability to think clearly on the spot. You will make judgment calls and recommendations in incidents
Experience maintaining digital security for a similar-sized organization with a physically distributed team
Strong tech affinity and skills in backend administration of IT systems (such as Linux, Cloud software, WordPress and similar)
Important: You don’t have to master ALL aspects of security to apply for this role. You’ll be able to work with consultants for the ones you’re not an expert in.
Strong Coordination Skills: Keeping deliverables moving that require input from various busy parties.
A natural relationship builder who is able to build rapport and trust. Ability to relate and work effectively with people from diverse cultural backgrounds
Strong training and facilitation skills
Previous experience in overseeing or being part of organizing physical or virtual trainings
Ability to translate complex topics into easily digestible actionable steps
Your blend of intuition, street smartness and empathy allows you to advise and support others around security matters.
High personal effectiveness in remote working
Working proficiency in French is an advantage

Why work with us
Join our mission to continue saving lives, contributing to autonomy in reproductive health decisions and shifting power away from the formal medical system to women and other pregnant people.
Be part of a skilled multinational feminist team that values power-sharing and applies a horizontal working model
We develop and implement cutting edge strategies to put abortion and contraception access and support directly in the hands of those in need
Collaborate with and support feminist activists across Africa