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Please complete the application process through our website: You will be required to fill an online application form through our website and submit your CV and Cover Letter, in order for your application to be considered for this job. This is a remote job and the candidates will be required to work from where they are located.
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The Human Resources and People Operations Manager works with Value for Women’s Senior Management team and team of global consultants to lead the development and implementation of the organisation’s internal Human Resources and People Operations. This role will work across the organisation to develop and implement strategies which will attract, engage and develop the teams, toward effective, strategic and efficient organisatonal functioning and delivery of all VFW products and services. The Human Resources and People Operations Manager will build on VFW’s established HR policies and practices to support the realization of the organisation’s vision and mission. This role will further support the alignment of our internal organisational culture to the broader strategy of the organisation.

This is a part- time, consulting-based role (approx. 10 days per month) and a fully remote position.

More about the Human Resources & People Operations Manager responsibilities:

Value for Women’s Human Resources and People Operations Manager will play an integral role in driving the organisation’s efforts to develop and implement HR policies and practices which support the work of our global team, and align with our values to create inclusive and equitable workspaces. As an advisory firm where 100% of our team members are self-employed (as Consultants), Value for Women adheres to policies and practices aimed at supporting our Team. Traditional structures and practices found at employee-based firms are often not applicable under our consulting model. As such, VFW is looking for someone to design and advance practices and policies for managing a global team of consultants, and practices that reflect our global organisation’s unique needs, aspirations and our strategic goals. This Manager will be responsible for leading our initiatives related to consultant management, skill development, and growth opportunities within the organisation, and will bring creative ideas to further our performance management systems that are effective for working with and supporting our remote team. They will be able to spot and communicate organisational priorities to the Senior Management Team with a solutions-oriented mindset.
At the outset, we are seeking someone to drive our work in 3 key areas; and to support the design of systems, processes, policies and practices on:
(50%) Supporting teams with tools and oversight for performance management, planning and capacity building and organisational culture
(25%) Structuring roles and teams
(25%) Recruitment, retention, promotion; onboarding and offboarding

(50%) Supporting teams with tools and oversight for performance management, planning and capacity building, and organisational culture:
-Develops and leads the implementation of a framework for performance management, as well as delivering and receiving feedback across all levels of the organisation
-Supports all line managers with structure, tools, advice, ongoing support for people management across the organisation (all levels)
-Works alongside the Finance and Operations Director to review and suggest People management system/software best suited to our need
-Advises VFW on best practices for consultant performance management, including addressing performance challenges, in the context of our non-employment nature of the business
-Identifies organisational skill gaps and develops a strategy for addressing gaps through recruitment and/or, internal capacity building schemes
-Creates and oversees the development of internal support for advancing program delivery and communication skills of the VFW team (i.e. structuring and coordinating need identification and subsequent training. Could also include coaching and/or mentoring)
-Ensures engagement of entire VFW team (Advisory Services, Creative, Business Support, and the Senior Management team) in all aspects of HR, training and development

(25%) Structuring roles/teams:
-Works with the Senior Management Team to align the organisation’s long term strategy with the team’s organisational structure. Works to adjust specific consulting teams and roles in order to best serve the organisation’s growth plans
-Reviews and adapts (along with the senior management team) VFW’s organisational structure, ensuring robust and diverse pathways for advancement, in line with the organisation’s long term growth goals
-Assess current role descriptions and make recommendations for new roles, role development, and/or refining of role descriptions to meet the organisation’s growth objectives

(25%) Recruitment, retention and compensation:
-Will engage with our teams on matters with regards to fee negotiations (or re-negotiation) and contract renewals
-Provide guidance to the organisation on inclusive global recruitment practices aimed at reaching a diverse set of consultant applicants for a variety of roles needed across the organisation on a rolling basis
-Work with the SMT to define compensation and incentive policies and practices suited to our business model, aimed at ensuring that we remain the organisation of choice to work with within our market
-Review and make recommendations existing processes at VFW including the onboarding and offboarding practices at VFW

What are the requirements for this role?

The ideal candidate is a Human Resources expert with experience working in HR in a global/cross-cultural organisation. Additionally, this candidate has experience designing and delivering effective training, is highly experienced in the area of performance management, and is comfortable working with, and designing policies and programs for an entirely remote team. This candidate is also a strong communicator, solutions-oriented, and an innovative thinker who can work effectively with a diverse organisation.

Our team works best with people who interact positively, who are results-based, entrepreneurial and client-centred.
Additionally, we require the following background and experience:

-7 to 10 years of professional experience in Human Resources, at least 5 of which within a leadership position
-Experience and passion for skills development through gap identification and training
-2+ years experience working in a global context, ideally in the context of growing business, a social enterprise, a consulting management or advisory firm
-At least 2 years of experience working or designing remote work teams, with preference for internationally diverse team members
-At least 2 years of experience in organisational change management experience and/or organisational communications experience
-Experience in designing and structuring workforces, roles, teams, across complex technical areas of expertise
-Experience supporting senior and middle management teams manage others, supporting the successful delivery of advisory and consultancy projects, preferably in a global setting
-Experience designing recruitments, retentions and promotion programmes
-Proven ability to react quickly to solve challenges and complex situations
Education in Human Resources, Business Administration, or related fields is desired

We also seek these attributes & competencies:

-Excellent communications skills including effective writing skills, people skills and relationship management
-High competency in juggling multiple things at once and driving projects forward
Global experience a plus
-Interest in any of the following areas: gender and social inclusion, DE&I, social entrepreneurship,
-Ability to stay organised and motivated, working as part of a remote international team, working independently while focusing on results and collaboration
-Problem solving and entrepreneurial acumen
-Uphold the principles of trust, equality of opportunities, transparency and collaboration
-Positive attitude and optimism about the role of small and growing businesses in generating positive social impact
-The ability to thrive in a matrix-based organisational structure; operating internationally as a distributed team across the globe
-Demonstrated alignment with Value for Women’s mission, vision and ways of working
Learning, adapting, and demonstrating their excitement for contributing to the growth of a small and growing business with a social mission

Additional Information

Value for Women is a global social enterprise that is growing in leaps and bounds. These exciting times call for new talent in the expansion of our team of multidisciplinary, critical thinkers who appreciate and thrive in a diverse, global and constantly changing work environment, and who are committed to lending their talent and skills to an organisation that keeps on growing and evolving.

Our organisation sits at the cutting edge of gender inclusion – and its practical application– in the context of inclusive business and investment practice. Joining our team will put you at the forefront of generating new ideas and practices related to gender and inclusion that drive new ways of doing business and investment. As an Human Resources & People Operations Manager at VFW, you will work with the best group of talent in the industry, and learn from the pro’s! The role offers an opportunity to learn-while-doing, while you apply your strong skills to working on multiple projects with a diverse set of stakeholders and team members from across the globe. You will be able to work from home flexibly. All team members at VFW manage their own time across time zones and are all results driven. This is often optimal for parents and for working toward work-life balance.