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Open Function Group (OpenFn)
Remote (Preferably Africa- or Latvia-based)
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Open Function Group (“OFG”) is seeking an “Implementation Consultant” to assist with project delivery, technology consulting, and customer success, and to support our journey to scale. They welcome experienced consultants and professionals, tech & data enthusiasts, and those interested in social sector interventions to apply.

OFG is a team of information technology and ICT4D specialists on a mission to help the world’s most promising health and humanitarian interventions achieve scale through integration, automation, and interoperability solutions. To date, our solutions have been implemented in 40+ countries by leading social sector organizations, including UNICEF, Wildlife Conservation Society, IRC, The Population Council, Lwala Community Alliance, myAgro, Vera Solutions, Dimagi, and many more. Over the last 5 years, they have focused on developing our core product–the OpenFn integration platform, and have implemented projects targeting public health, environmental protection, humanitarian response, and poverty alleviation. In the coming months, they aim to scale our impact by helping larger NGOs and governments implement integration and interoperability solutions.

To apply, please send your CV and a compelling email to

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We have a team of technical experts, but need help implementing end-to-end integration solutions that “just work” for our partners. Will you help us deliver smarter, connected data systems for the world’s leading health and humanitarian interventions?